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Jade Empire: Open the Path for the Biggest RPG Adventure

There are a few gaming companies that have developed themselves as reliable producers of high-quality games. It normally requires more than one blockbuster to propel a business to this stage. It also requires a string of excellent games that develop on their own...

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What Makes Mobile Games Addictive?

Addiction revolves around our brain's gratification (or reward) core, which is dominated and influenced by a neurotransmitter named dopamine. Dopamine is activated when we perform something that activates the reward center, giving us a temporary boost. In this...

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The Room 3 In-Depth Review: Super Natural Puzzle Game

Over the first hour or so, The Room 3 sticks to basic puzzles that reminded me of the previous two smartphone puzzle games. At some stages, though, creator Fireproof Games splinters stuff significantly, concentrating not only on solving mystery structures, but rather...

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