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Everyone plays games when they can. It is a good and cost-free method of enjoying leisure time. It is the best time to play games right now especially mobile games. 8 ball pool and its many variants within the game have become very popular among mobile gamers of all ages. Since adults and kids need to play mobile games, this is a good option to keep yourself occupied.

8 Ball Pool History

More than 100 years ago 8 ball pool was invented. Later, it became popular and people started playing it in almost every bar in the USA. Now there are tournaments and world championships for the sport. It has been shown in many TV shows and movies, so there is a huge media presence for it as well. The game has come far and everyone in the world knows about this game. It is easy to learn but requires skill to be very good at it.

The game was also called solids and stripes. You can play the game on a pool table with six holes. Each player has to pot their designated balls in the holes. After the break in the first turn, you are either solids or stripes with the exception of the 8 ball and the cue ball. The player who pots all 8 balls and the 8 ball at the end wins the game.

8 ball pool and Miniclip, the publisher plus creator of this game has made it very successful. It used to be on its website, powered by flash. Anyone with an internet connection could play this game in the past. Now it has both Apple and Android variants which make it accessible to everyone. Most people have a 8 ball pool and a few other games installed on their smartphones. But the most prominent game played is this one.


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8 Ball Pool and Miniclip’s Formula of Success

The game is very easy to play and the method of execution is genius. First of all, you do not need any of the physical equipment that a real 8 ball pool and its many versions require. All you need to do is install the game and play. The layout is very user friendly and the content is all in high definition. In this modern era of smartphones with QHD displays, it is necessary to look good.

Players start with a small number of coins. As they keep playing each game they earn more coins and rewards. There are different tiers within the game, you have to bet your coins in every match. This ranges from betting 100 coins to over 50 million coins. There are even tournaments within the game that players can take part in. These tournaments can also be high stakes if you choose.

The ease of access and ease of gameplay make this a top-notch performer. The money is made from players when they different cues to benefit their style of play. A cue is used to play the game. That’s not it, different cues have unique advantages. Some give you spin while others give you more control and power. Therefore, this is much sought after by many players. Another side income the game makes is from its occasional bargain offers that it provides. This combination manifests a guaranteed formula to make huge profits.


8 ball pool, 8 ball pool and

Should You Play 8 Ball Pool?

Indeed, it is a game that should be given a go by everyone. It is very fun and after a few games, you get the hang of it very quickly. Because of the graphics being so good, the aesthetic appeal is the reason players choose this game. Most often, players get bored with other mobile games. As a smartphone user, I have played a wide array of games. Games ranging from very hard to super easy. Each time I keep coming back to this game, it is just that good.

One of the best features of the game is that you are carrying it with you everywhere. As long as you have a data connection you can play. It is useful for those who need to pass time waiting in vain for something. For example, if you have 15 minutes till the next train you can easily spend 15 minutes playing this game. Another good feature is the stakes are total up to you. Since the game requires bets to play with other players, even if you lose a game you do not lose any coins.

The Reason Why Kids Love it

Many kids want to act like an adult and 8 ball pool provides a sort of solace for them. Since they see grown-ups on TV playing this game they feel part of the show when they play this on their devices. Although they see the real-life version, they know the mobile game has the same rules. The game only has objects and 2D avatars for players. Kids can even play with their friends all they have to do is add their unique ID. This is an important part of this game and many others as well. A successful game creator knows that kids play the most games out of anyone.

If the game developers do not tap into this segment of the market they cannot be successful. Many other games in the market use a cute or overly good looking character to attract players. This game uses its reputation and gameplay to get its players. It also has no ads except the in-game offers whether you want to spend some dollars to buy cue sticks. Back in the day, the game was wildly popular when it could only be played in browsers. Now it is at a level where no one thought it will be possible. 8 ball pool and 9 balls, snooker, etc. versions of the game are given a try every now and then. However, the default will always be the most preferred.