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Are you confused and curious with all the Among Us memes flooded all over the internet world? Then this article is for you. It is available on PC IOS and Android platforms. In this COVID era with no social distancing, a group of 10 crew mates is on a spaceship where among them there are 1-3 imposters. Even though it was launched in 2018, the game gained its popularity in 2020 after many YouTubers and Twitch streamers played it.

Among Us: Theme Setup

Among Us is set up on a spaceship in outer space with maximum of 10 players. Between the ten players, 1-3 players are randomly given the imposter or crew member role.


The crew mates and imposters are two teams. 

The objective of the crew mates in Among Us is to complete every tasks on the map and find out the imposter and vote them out. However, if it wasn’t an imposter your chances to win gets less. The crew wins if they are successful completing all these. They also have to save themselves from not getting murdered by the imposter. Upon seeing the dead body of the crew mates you need to report it and call an emergency meeting if something is unusual. If you get killed by an imposter, you become a ghost. No more interaction with the other crew mates that are alive but you can help them complete the tasks. You will become invisible. 

The job of the imposter is to kill the crew to stop them from accomplishing the tasks. Being an imposter, one cannot access the tasks. So, to confirm one is a crew mate watch if they are being able to perform the tasks. Only for imposters there are special vents to travel fast around the map. During the vote out convince the crew mates that you’re not an imposter. 

Characters and Customizations

it’s even fun to watch cute colorful characters running around the spaceship. The game offers you altogether 12 colors that are red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan and lime. To make your appearance interesting, there is skin, hats to add. Clothes like police, military, captain are available. For hats there are many types of caps. Depending on the festive season, Among Us offer new addition. For Christmas, they offered Santa Claus hat, antlers etc.

PC and Mobile Differences of Among Us

Among Us

Among Us is available in both the platforms. To choose which platform is suitable for you keeping reading.

Android and iOS users can download the game for free. Payment is required for mobile users to use the character customization option. But, the skin hats all are available on PC after the game is purchased. Mobile players should be aware of the fact that their personal information is shared and have to deal with ads as their version is free. If you are one of those who just wants to play, you will find mobile option suitable for you. 

For PC players, they can choose either mouse and keyboard together or just the mouse. There’s a virtual joystick for mobile users. It’s safe to start with the mobile version as it’s free and later you may shift to the PC by purchasing it.


Even though the release date of Among Us is June 15 2015, the game received enough recognition in the 2020 summer. Twitch streamers started streaming themselves playing it. After a while it was the most viewed content on Twitch. PewDiePie YouTube’s biggest creator played it as well. The game started showing its growth in the last two months. Among Us was close to fade away as it had almost no players even a few months ago. But, now it’s a medium to get connected with your friends in this lockdown time. 


In this multi-player game there are a lot of discussion and meetings held among the players. Being an imposter you have to talk for yourself to stay running on the game. This can be mostly done by typing. But, to make it more easy and fun, many players prefer to have Discord. This application lets you voice chat and makes the conversation quicker and interesting. So, you might consider a Discord as well to get the best experience of the game. 

If you’re a beginner and want yourself truly involved in this game then you may head over to the guidelines that are available on Reddit and YouTube. Few quick tips for imposters can be to kill the sharpest crew mate as fast as possible. Work with your fellow imposters, make sure you know your fake tasks. 

It is also recommended to set your settings as per your likings. The host can choose the Map, number of imposters from 1-3, discussion time and voting time, long and short task duration and many more. 

Sequel of Among Us

Yes! Among us 2 was decided to be launched by 2021. However, it’s now called off  by the company because of the popularity of the first version. The developer InnerSloth wants to support the game that’s on going right now. Currently. they want to enhance the small indie game that is not capable enough to support the huge response it’s getting. At the same time, gamers want new add-ons to the game. It’s wise of the developers to fix the glitches or bugs and bring more entertainment in the game then just release its sequel. They also talked about how they want the consumers to enjoy the first release and they’ll come up with a sequel when the market is ready for it. 


Among Us

To repair the sequel cancellation it has been announced there’ll be merchandise like toys, t-shirt launching soon. Even though we covered pretty much everything, mystery still lies out there which you need to solve on your on.