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The third main game of Baldur’s Gate series is Baldur’s Gate III. This soon to be released video game is brought to you by Larian Studios. A limited version of the game was released in early access format for Microsoft Windows, the Stadia streaming service, and MacOS on 6 October 2020. The game is based on Dungeons and Dragons and has been set up for both the single and multiplayer.

About Baldur’s Gate III

The first Baldur’s Gate game was published in 1998. It was a success and that led to the sequel Baldur’s Gate II. In 2003, Baldur’s Gate: The Black Hound was to be published but the game had to shut down because of a financial crisis.

Baldur’s Gate III comes under the role-playing genre and offers players to play as a single and multiplayer. The players will have to create characters starting from one and more to continue with the game. The game can be played by forming a party with computer-generated characters or by making up a team with other players online. The game is a sequel of one of the best RPGs ever. The next-in-line to the old Infinity Engine games we all will be doting will come out differently with new looks and playing style.

The Characters of Baldur’s Gate III

Players will have full control setting up their characters, with their choice of class, race, and looks. It is very important to choose them wisely as it says a lot about who you are, where you are from and based on that it will depend on how others accept you. The classes and races will determine how players cope with various civilizations of the realms. There are a total of 9 different races to choose from. Under each race, there are sub-races that customize a character further. What character the player is creating for himself structures what story the player is creating for himself in Baldur’s Gate III. In the game, the world will constantly react to how your character develops. The players will experience the game more personally by getting so many choices and options.

Story and Setup of Baldur’s Gate III

Baldur's Gate III

The characters and others are all infected with parasite tadpoles and they should be turned to mind flayers but the process isn’t working like usual. The airship is attacked by dragons and you need to cut down the flock of bat demons and find an escape route. There will be goblin warrens, mossy tombs guarded by half demonic Tieflings. The five-minute opening set up is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Tadpoles entering people’s bodies through their eyes may not be pleasing to many of you. You’ve to stop these tadpoles turning you into a mind flayer. However, these tadpoles bring some power with them that you need to discover on your own by playing. 

Baldur’s Gate III is set in a Forgotten Realms. A popular setting in Dragons and Dungeons with a rich history. Bad things are happening all the time in this world, cause why not? There’s gods, demons, dragons. Treat the world as it’s real and there’s so much to do in it. Players will not have access to the whole city but some parts of it. They will start from the outside of the city and move towards the dreaming of Baldur’s Gate.

Early Access

Originally, the early access was set to release on 30 September 2020. This date later shifted to 6 October 2020. The game is very overwhelming therefore the idea of early access is to get familiar with the game. As said earlier, the characters you choose set up an entire line later in the game of what you’ve done and what character you are. So early access is a good idea to decide what you really want to be in the game.

Another reason for early access is to correct the bugs and mistakes so that the general audience does not have to face it. The early access will be available for an entire year. The early access went live on Steam, GOG, Stadia, and MAC. The early access version will not be the full game, it only contains the first act of the game that you can play multiple times. More content will be added to the final version. The game became the best selling on both Steam and on the early access launch first day. On steam, the current players went above 70,000 players. Larian studios said to this that the massive demand for the game caused technical issues in the minute of launching. This says the sales are high. 

Platform Available

Too many questions surfing regarding the platforms that support Baldur’s Gate III. Let’s clear it out. Baldur’s Gate III will not be available on Xbox. The makers only focused on Pc and Stadia. It’s said that to make it available on Xbox, the game needs to go through a few changes which later on will not look cool. Coming to the PS4 there’s still no possibility as there’s a doubt the current-gen consoles will be able to run it. This might make the PS4 and Xbox users upset but there’s a chance the game might come to PS5 and Xbox series X.

It is safe to make sure your Pc is capable of running the game. The system requirements are uploaded and also it’s been said these are not the final figures. The minimum requirements are manageable but the recommended requirements can be a little crazy for some. For the minimum, players need to have a 70gm storage, 8 GB RAM but it’s recommended to have 16 GB RAM. All these may decrease if the game performs well in the early access.

Final Verdict

Baldur's Gate III

Gamers are waiting eagerly for this big project to launch in a full version. Baldur’s Gate III will unveil to the public a story of love, loss, death, and destiny. So set up your Pc as per the requirements and step into the mystic world.