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Quite questionable, which is the 2021 best mobile game. Let’s have a look at our previous year. We have witnessed many great mobile games in 2020. Many games have earned the title “game of the month.” Most game makers were up to gamer’s expectations. But we aren’t sure which games will earn ”game of the month” titles this 2021.

2020 Best Mobile Games Flashback

It felt like 2020 was the beginning year of mobile games dominating other platform games. Several games earned game of the month titles on Play-Store as well as Appstore. Recently, online RPG games have been seen as most played by gamers. We can say RPG mobile games are dominating the gaming market.

Rivalry Between Mobile Games Fanbase 

We have also witnessed rivalry between the game fanbase. Without rivalry, how will game makers get motivated to do better? Games that had similar physics and gameplay had a competition among them. We might have one strong upcoming rivalry. Most people recognize League of Legends as one of the best action-RPG games on pc. But sadly riot games weren’t able to launch on mobile phones until 2021. And for that reason, other RPG games on mobile phones faced no barriers to entry to rise. They had no strong competition. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile game that is currently the most recommended RPG game.

But riot games seem to be cooking a game for mobile platforms which might release in 2021. Riot fans are hyped and there are already questions about this game dominating mobile games especially RPG action games. 

2021 Best Mobile Games: RPG

In 2020, many mobile games were famous among gamers. These games were able to reach good spots in the Play Store and Appstore. But one game, in particular, was very underrated until 2021. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game of war and love. Yes, of love. It has helped reunite people who like online games but through the phone. This is the first RPG action game with graphics and details so neat. It is sometimes compared to PC RPG games. It has a huge fanbase. This game is liked by fans for its online playing mode and fun characters.

In 2021, this game has been dominating other mobile games. It has an average rating of 4.7 in the Play Store. Mobile Gamers mostly compliment how the game runs smoothly, especially being an online game. But there is an arrival to come of a new RPG game. Thus, we can’t be certain who will earn the title for ”best mobile game this 2021”. With the dominance of action games, there’s a huge chance for mobile legends to earn it. But again, new games will drop this 2021, and most are RPG. This might reduce the chance for mobile legends to get the title. 

How Games Avoid Losing Players

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Even though we have seen a clear answer, they can flip the entire thing in a second. For example, Mobile legends has been here for a long time. How will they flip things? Gamers always don’t like doing the same thing over and over again. Thus, new games are created to remove the boredom of gamers. But games can avoid this by just updating their games from time to time.

Here are some ways game makers stop gamers from getting bored:

  • Adding expansion packs.
  • Adding new characters.
  • Adding new levels.
  • Fixing bugs, making the game smooth like butter.

Doing these helps to attract the gamers to log in back just to enjoy that new piece of content added. Huge games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Rust, Counter-Strike Go use this process to avoid losing players. Since they use this way, they still manage to have the biggest online lobbies. These games are 7 years old! Going back to the mobile games, Mobile Legends also update their games from time to time. They create changes in characters, maps, etc. Honestly, that’s why Mobile Legends have managed to keep players excited about their updates.

Best Mobile Games 2021: Racing

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Racing games have also improved through these years. Since mobile phones have upgraded, it can handle games with better graphics now. The need for speed has been popular among PC games. They have been making great racing games since the 2000s. But now it is not the year 2000 anymore. In 2019 NFS released NFS with no limits on mobile platforms. This got nice reviews from players. On the opposite side, real racing 3, the closest car simulation game is a rivalry for NFS.

They are both really good games with good physics, but real racing has a slightly better experience. But at the same time, NFS heat contains a high level of customization. This helps them compete with Real Racing 3 to a higher extent. We are still quite unsure which game would earn the best racing mobile game title. And new racing games are dropping every month here and there. So there’s a slight chance these two games might get boring for players. Players might shift to new racing games.

End of the day if games aren’t able to live up to their fan’s expectations, they are likely to fall. A game’s objectives should be: 

  • To avoid making their players bored. 
  • To keep updating their games.
  • To have a bug free game. 
  • To have good physics and smooth gameplay.