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Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Gaming Companies 2020

The mobile gaming industry, which has been valued at almost $70 billion, is growing each and every day worldwide. Going into the new year, there are dozens of huge corporations each with their own big-name products both on the market and in development. Here we rank...

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Top 3 War Strategy Mobile Games For IOs and Android

Strategy mobile games have grown to be among the best thriving game categories in the world. Ranging from fantasy immersed story to futuristic sci-fi combat, these types of strategy games are designed to push the player to unlock great achievements. Best War Strategy...

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How Do I Get Users for My Mobile Game App?

So you’ve developed an awesome mobile game app and have submitted it to the major app marketplaces. All the heavy lifting has been done, so you can just sit back and watch the money roll in, right? If you are reading this article, by now you probably understand that...

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Mobile Game Development Cost Breakdown

The cost of developing a mobile game can vary wildly depending on the size/scope of the game as well as the end goal of the developer. Do you want your game to have as many players as possible in order to maximize revenue, or is your project more of a practice run...

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