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Scratching The Surface of Brawl Stars for Android and Apple Devices

It was a rainy afternoon when I came across Brawl Stars. I was playing a mundane game and wanted something a bit more brain inducing. While scrolling through the App Store, I came across Brawl stars. To my surprise, I found out that one of my favorite game developers, SUPERCELL, made this game. They also made Clash Royale which is an editor’s choice game. My excitement led me to tap the download button and I played it right away. Moreover, I had no idea that Brawl Stars for android and apple devices both were available.

Upon entry into the game, I saw that I was welcomed by nice colors and effects. At first,  you need to do the basic login to get you started. Before all that they make you play one introduction game so you get a hang of the controls. You get hooked from that first game because the controls are very easy. It is so easy that even five years old kids can start playing it. The simplicity, however, has complexities that advanced players can look into such as team composition. It is a three versus three style game, you see everything from the top and navigate from there. The fixed space eases the player’s movement and gives them convenience.

Brawl Stars For Android and Apple Devices

Some of The Advantages of Brawl Stars for Android and Apple Devices

Each match takes about three minutes just like Clash Royale. Brawl Stars for Android and Apple devices shows players that just because the game is rated as a kid’s game, does not mean it is. The game has good gameplay and it is enjoyable even if you have played it for a long time. The 3v3 style makes you feel like you are not alone when fighting. It takes a good amount of time to formulate an approach, so this game makes you a fast thinker. If a game makes your brain sharper it is a complete gold because you are not really wasting any time. You are training your brain to handle certain situations better and faster.

An example of this is, this one session I kept losing games. Then I started to take a defensive character because I kept getting matched with high damage, low HP characters. But a cool thing is the character heal when they stay away from damage for a few seconds.

After I made that short decision change, I won almost every match. Another advantage of playing Brawl Stars for Android and Apple devices is you just need a stable internet connection. It does not need to be super-fast just stable. The reason is when you have a stable connection you have very smooth gameplay. When you have a laggy connection you cannot perform as well as you would have with a stable connection. You may hastily think it is a bad game because of the experience. Sadly, a lot of games are given bad reviews because of minor technical issues that could have changed the entire perception of the game. The mobile game market is a fierce one that needs tender care when releasing games.

Brawl Stars For Android and Apple devices

Minor Qualms 

The mandatory part about brawl stars is that you need at least a mid-range device to play it. This is because the game requires high-speed devices in order to run efficiently. If you do not have a decent mobile device then your experience will be bad. Despite a smooth and fast internet connection, you will lag and think that there is something wrong about the game. This is a barrier that will be the hardest to overcome for some. The graphics needs for this game is very high as well so expect a good amount of battery drain if you play a lot of matches. The phone can get hot if you do not take it easy on the game. The best method is 10 games max per session.

Another major issue about the game is you have to rely on the other two players heavily. Unless you have a very high-level character, even then it is very tough. The matchmaking system is a bit flawed. They match you with noob players rather than those who are at the same level as you. This may not seem like a big deal but team composition matters here just like League of Legends. You need a tank, an all-rounder, and one high damage ranged character. This is the must-have team build that you need in order to move up the ladder. This game can be addictive if you are not careful. The rush of victory is quite strong in Brawl Stars for Android and Apple devices.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Keep your device health in mind all the time that is always the first priority. When you keep that in mind then you will play less of this game. That is because you want your phone longevity to be high. Do not attempt to play this game on a phone with less than 3 GB of RAM. If you have high RAM, the chances are your phone has decent specifications. Those are the needs for Android phones, as for Apple devices, this game requires at least an iPhone 6S or above and iPad 3 or above.

Brawl Stars For Android and Apple Devices

If you are getting crappy teammates, play a defensive character. Chances are you will surprise the next opponents and win easily. Practice breaking obstacles and hiding spots, players are most vulnerable at that point. The game has auto-aim which means when you are close to other players you can just tap to shoot opponents automatically. The same goes for Ultimate abilities in the game so use that to your advantage!