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COD (as most of the Call of Duty fanatics call it) Mobile is a much recent release of the game in comparison to the original console version of COD which was released back in 2003. The mobile game was developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS.  It was released on October 3, 2003, and is a shooting game with multiple exciting modes, played by a single or multiplayer. The game is very well developed and has much better graphics than some of the frequently played games like PUBG. Anyone who doesn’t have access to play Call of Duty in an actual PS4 or Xbox can download the cell phone version from the apple store or play store for free. The game takes about 2.5 GB of your mobile space and takes a little time to download because of its size. It only requires an e-mail ID, Facebook profile, or your actual call of duty ID if you have one. You can always link your social media with it which will give you an additional avatar as a gift. Linking social media also means that you get to use your Facebook profile picture as your avatar picture as well. So, an added decoration for your account.


Entering the game, the game goes through about a few seconds of ‘loading access’ after which you get to come across a few of the weapons you may get to unlock in the upcoming rounds of may get to buy with your ‘C’ or ‘CP’ which signifies the usual points or call of duty points, respectively. The latter you have to buy with your actual money.

Generally, there is a MULTIPLAYER mode through which you get to adjoin a game with some of your other friends. You enter the mode and you have to check the friends that may be online and send them a game request which may add them to the lobby that you’re in, getting into the game together.

The other mode is of the RANKED MATCH which is going to unveil the higher tier games for you. They are played pretty much the same way except but the ranked games are going to increase your rank in the game and the higher the rank, the more weapons and games you get your hands on and there are a lot of them.

The BATTLE ROYALE is a whole other mode which is much different than the above two and but you still get to adjoin the game with your other friends and play alongside them. The difference however of each of them is in the gameplay.

Call of Duty Mobile In Depth Review

Selection of The Set-Up

For before you start the game, there are modes from the game you get to select as to whatever makes you feel more comfortable, there are several locations you get to play the match, if you are playing with a group, the leader gets to select that for the team before the game begins. Each location contains many places you can hide such as buildings and cars on very nice graphics. There are places like the ‘nuketown’, ‘crash’, and so on.

Having selected the location, you also get to select the type of game you want to play, each one has different types of obstacles you have to overcome. There is the basic ‘Frontline’ mode under ‘core’ you can select which allows you to play the usual, ‘team A against team B’ type of situation and then there are the additional task modes like the ‘Hardpoint’ and such which requires you to capture the hardpoints shown in the map, along with killing the opposing team players.

There is also the ‘Featured’ mode which has the weekly new modes of games you can play on, each carrying a different type of task in hand.

Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay

For the multiplayer and ranked matches, the game is pretty much straight, you chose the appropriate location and you are given a game where you get to play in a team along with 4 other team members (some of them your friends) and you get to go at the opposition like a bunch of savages. The best part of the game is that these are all players, playing from different parts of the world, simultaneously as you, so you don’t have to feel the monotony of any computer-based game. Each round may be different than the one before. If any of the opposition 5 manages to kill you, you get to come back alive and take your revenge. You can see the location of all team players in a little map on the top right corner unless the opposition somehow disables it for a while, which is one of the many weapons you get to use in the game. The other exciting ones being, getting to use the top-notch guns and the usage of occasional handed out weapons like the ‘centri guns’ and so on.

Call of Duty Mobile In Depth Review


The biggest reward incentive in the game is the level-up you get to do each time you get to finish a round of beating people up. The more the level goes up, you get to earn more points and with them increase the number of weapons you upgrade in the game or maybe unveil a better avatar for your character. While in the game, you kill as many opposition players as you can, and by the end of the match, there is a score chart as to who made the highest kills and who made the lowest, and nobody wants to come out as the least contributor of the game. The ‘MVP’ of the game is usually the player who not only has killed the most opposition team members but has also tactfully managed to get himself killed the least number of times. The game may not be as good to the PS4 players due to a smaller screen but it gives an overall well-rounded experience, nonetheless.