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Clash Royale is a mobile game made by SUPERCELL and it was released worldwide on March 2, 2016. Ever since its release the game has become a big hit among both children and adults. Moreover, it is categorized as a strategy video game in the mobile gaming world. With its easy gameplay and high-resolution graphics, few can complain about this game. It is fun, addictive and making decks have become a trend.

Journey Inside

Clash Royale is from the same family of games as a clash of clans. Clash of clans after a while becomes a stagnant game. It is fun but the waiting time becomes too long at one point. This game is completely different. In this game, you have decks that you build with cards that are made with the same concept from the clash of clans.

There are different characters and ranks. You can go to stats royale to see what the best deck you can build is. Each deck can be used for specific situations. In addition, there are different game modes where one deck can be better than the other. The gameplay involves two players or four, whoever gets the most crowns win.

Each match takes three minutes with an extra one minute. However, the extra minute is used when no one has scored any points. Players can climb the ladder, all they have to do is play.

Clash Royale In-Depth Gameplay

Clash Royale is played using decks. These decks are made for different types of gameplay. Being experienced in this game, I can say building a good deck is not easy. Stats Royale is a good way to see what cards are good. The game gives you a basic deck. With the concept of that deck, players can make any Clash Royale deck a good one.

Each deck has a limit of eight cards. In the game, you get ten elixirs. The elixir regenerates as you use cards. The cards range from 0 to 9. These cards rank from common to legendary. In the home screen of the game, players get daily rewards. These rewards give players cards, gold, and gems.

Cards can be upgraded to level 13 and then they get star levels. Gold is used to upgrade troops and gems can be used to speed the process of the troops. Chests are unlocked for free. You can also use gems to unlock the chests. Clash Royale is a free game but it makes most of its money from gems.

The Ranking System

Players can rank up to different leagues with challenger being the top. The rank ladder is what makes the game worth playing. Not only is it something to get praise for but it is rewarding.

The higher you climb the more rewards you get. However, you need to unlock many cards. Therefore, if players rank up then it requires less effort. In reality, high-level Clash Royale players can make a living off the game.

There are famous streamers such as orange juice gaming who make a lot of money. In this game, players can be part of clans. Clans are groups of 50 players at max. The Clash Royale clans become real-life teams if they do well enough. These teams then compete in international tournaments.

Last year the winners of Clash Royale World championships won 100k USD. Thus, this game has some serious competition and you can consider it as an e-sport with real players and prizes.


Clash Royale, Clash Royale deck, stats royale


Benefits of playing Clash Royale

Players can easily pass their time unnoticed while playing this game. Waiting for an appointment? Want to spend time? No problem! Play six to seven matches with your Clash Royale decks and the wait is over. I’ve seen this in real life. I have to wait for something I play a few matches and an hour has passed. This game allows you to travel through time with ease.

Another huge benefit of this game is that there are no ads. Most games have advertisements that bother you every chance it gets. There are many games I have uninstalled. However, not this one because Clash Royale has been the only game worth keeping on all my devices. Everything about this game works perfectly. The gameplay, the reward system, the player interaction all it. Even on tablets, this game looks as good as it does on smartphones.

Non-game benefits of Clash Royale

The game is very child friendly as well. Most games appeal to players by having characters that are attractive. There are many games online that use sexy females to get players. This is a negative impact on children because they should be used to content that is pure. Since there are no ads in this game, parents can leave their children to play with peace of mind. There are no implications of any kind. For instance, not even a private chat exists in this game. This is good for preventing scammers.

The reporting system in Clash Royale is very good as well. If anyone reports a player, the customer service makes sure they are dealt with immediately. If you need something in your account adjusted their customer support is great too. As a player for over two years, without a doubt, I can say this is one of the best games in the mobile world. No game has this much value as a free game. In other games, there is a point where the players become toxic. However, this game is clean, friendly to people of all ages and easy to learn.


Clash Royale, Clash Royale deck, stats royale


Psychological improvements happen when playing Clash Royale regularly. You have to think hard to make Clash Royale decks. Research information on stats royale to make the best Clash Royale deck. Also, watch videos online on how to use Clash Royale decks most efficiently. Clash Royale tasks make the brains of players much sharper. Moreover, thinking becomes easier when compared with other mobile gaming apps.