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WoW Classic has been going pretty well after the game has been launched again! You may be moving into one of the higher level dungeons soon, so you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the proper classic WoW AddOns. Most of them have been getting increasingly updated as time goes by, so be sure to search them regularly to get the most up-to-date information. Here are the best WoW Classic AddOns for 2020:


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ICEHUD is a fantastic addition to your UI if you have difficulty keeping track of opponent health bars and your own health. It places the health of your enemies and the enemies of your target enemy right beside your toon. You can configure the theme and anything that’s showing on your display. This is a fairly good AddOn for people who may want to see more details while playing.


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This AddOn swaps your action bar entirely with one that can be completely personalized. You can adjust the location, size, and transparency of each action bar using Bartender4, which makes a big difference in customizing your own UI. One of the best features, however, is its ability to write macros which drives things like keeping action bars hidden when I’m not mousing about them.


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The implementation of quest indicators and goals to the mini map and the world map is one of the greatest amenities in modern Warcraft. It is not part of Classic, but Questie seeks to resolve this by putting quests available on your maps and identifying future destinations of your quest goals.

Classic Castbars.

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In WoW Classic you aren’t able to see the spells which an opponent casts. This is actually used by some as a technique to compel them to waste a Counterspell or disable spell skill. Classic Castbars is trying to fix the dilemma but it comes with a caveat. Unfortunately, within the WoW API, you can not discern the rank of a spell. Therefore, the castbar won’t always be correct and assumes that any cast of spell is its highest rank. Although this isn’t 100 percent helpful, it is still very useful to be able to know what spell the opponent is about to cast. If you play a lot of PvP then you may want to catch this addon as it is one of the best classic WoW addons.

Auctionator Classic.

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Gold is a valuable tool in WoW Classic but it can be a pain to handle auction house listings. Auctionator has been a long-standing addon that supports the process by recommending price listing and automating the listing of items for many other people to purchase. If you ever find yourself purchasing tradeskill resources or other products, Auctionator will simplify that as well.

ATLAS Loot Classic.

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If you are reaching close to level 60 or are already there then you’re going to want to use this AddOn. This will provide you a complete list of your class’s best slot items and where to find them! It will also show all the loot that specific bosses and dungeons will drop off. To those hoping to find themselves in raids and dungeons in the near future, this is one of the most significant WoW classic AddOns.


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I think it’s a fairly cool AddOn that will help you get deeper into the game plot. If you notice yourself missing a lot of text when doing quests, you might want to check this out. What this does is more pleasingly show the quest text in a field, that makes it much easier to read and shows the character relaying the dialog. You can also configure anything and if you want to, you can also skip ahead! A perfect addition for those who want a more authentic experience of the lore.


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Tired of running your inventory over several bags? Then look no further as Bagnon is one of the best WoW classic addons for inventory management. This addon makes it much easier to manage your backpack items. Rather than having several bags to carry, it condenses it all into one big bag. It is then able to sort and organize items by type automatically. Colored boundaries tell you the quality of an item at a glance, and a search feature lets you find what you need quickly. Bagnon also records objects through several players, so without having to log in, you see what your alternate accounts have.

How To Install Classic WoW Addons For Windows and Mac.

Classic WoW AddOns

If your chosen mod is downloaded, it will be in file — which will be in your Download / Downloads directory. If you are a Windows user, click the file in Explorer once, then pick ‘Extract Everything’ from the Toolbar menu. Then choose where you want to save it.

By default Classic WoW AddOns are located in Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/ classic /Interface/AddOns folder— this is where the latest files are to be unzipped. If you have put WoW somewhere else, navigate to the same tab, but in the directory where your Warcraft installation was installed. In either case, a new folder will end up inside ‘AddOns’ which will be named after your downloaded mod.

Mac users have to double-click the file to move it all to a new folder named after the package. Then use ‘Finder’ for navigating towards ‘Applications’. Check the Warcraft World folder, then the inside classic folder, choose ‘Interface,’ then ‘AddOns.’ Copy your new downloaded folder into the ‘AddOns’ folder (the one called after the mod). The downloaded addon(s) will then be available when you next start WoW. For a more detailed how-to guide, check out this video.

Final Thoughts.

WoW Classic AddOns


Overall WoW Classic is a refreshing remake of the Vanilla World Of Warcraft and brings back a lot of Nostalgia alongside improved graphics. Especially with these Classic WoW AddOns, the game can be a truly enjoyable experience. To this day, World Of Warcraft still remains as one of the most played MMORPGs online.