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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run – a King’s new mobile release under Activision. King’s new mobile release did share about the upcoming game that is to make the Crashiest Crash game ever looking 25 years back at Crash Bandicoot to pull franchise official Canon and make some obscure character levels. Some characters such as Crash, Coco, Dr. Cortex and N. Oxide are well recognized. While there are some Boss battles versus Scorporilla,  Big Bad and Mr.Crumb, etc 

It has always been common to be familiar with Subway Surfer and Temple Run when we talk  about endless runner games. But King’s new release has crossed over 20 millions downloads in  no time since it’s global releasing date, 28 March 2021. 

Statistically, the only fastest endless runner game to hit 20million was Temple run 2. 

The real prosperity behind On the Run, lies between it’s aesthetic graphics of any video game of  character from the 90’s and simple controlling gestures. Both fans of console titles and new  mobile releases find it simple to swipe left/right, up and down to dodge the obstacles and fetch  all the materials in a three-lane structured game.

Crash Bandicoot : On the Run – A Mood Lifter!

You can play this game for hours with a monotonous feeling until your friend joins in a  multiplayer mode option. 

Crash Bandicoot On the Run, has the idea of an auto-runner chasing an action to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex Henchman, the ultimate boss. He has disclosed some iconic villain’s across the  multiverse to take control of all dimensions with the help of his sister Coco. Basically , you are required to chase the enemies overcoming all obstacles collecting Wumpah fruits and pass the crates on the way. 

The basic moves of Bandicoot are mostly jump, slide and spin. The collecting materials can be  used to craft weapon for fighting with other bosses. The crafted vials are crafts using materials  collected by the chaser through the game’s four island levels. 

The craft weapons are used to fight with other bosses. To progress throughout the game, you  will need to defeat enemies, bosses and all of their henchmen. You will need the right weapons, as a chaser, in your stock for different enemies and bosses. 

Bosses have more action focus, you need regular switching approaches to dodge their attacks. Disclose collectible bombs at them to make their health bar vulnerable!

The bosses and enemies are repeated more often with slight variation on their moves. Chasers  may be introduced to obscured enemies such as Lab Assistant from Crash 1 and elemental  masks from Wrath of Cortex. Surely, it will not be in comparison with Crash’s recent outing like It’s About Time and the N. Sane Trilogy. Perhaps, it will not shock you as you move through the series. 

Crash Bandicoot : On the Run – Diving Deep

The levels on the run throughout share similar motifs met in Crash’s Classic Adventures and  many classic tracks. There are literally over 50 addictive sound tracks made by team Sebastian  Aav, the talented musicians. Nevertheless, the genres include Disco, Metal, Funk and many more. 

On the way, it requires crafts vial to take part in the game’s main campaigns. 

Crash Bandicoot’s shops feature in the game are usually portrayed to sell packs of crafted materials and purple crystals. The currency is primarily spent on skins. Skins play an important role as it provides you with different bonuses like extra Aku mask. Aku masks save you from dying if you are caught by any projectiles. The purchasable skins have spans throughout the whole series with Biker Crash from Warped and Blue Harper from Nitro Fueled.

There are over 70 costumes available for players to earn. Some of which are shared by among  playable characters with Crush and Coco and many other unique characters. Team aims for  200 costumes by end of the year. Each costumes give a different type of gameplay as you need  to complete different daily missions, trophies etc.

Free pass is rewarded at no cost as you progress. There is also Bandicoot pass- rich track  offering for the same progression level.

Crash Bandicoot : On the Run – Four Levels

If we focus on the four levels which are entitled as Dino-Mite, Sewer or Later, Snow Go and  Great Gate respectively. 

Dino mite will portray players navigating their way over large dinosaur fossils while dodging lava pits and vaulting over geysers.  

Secondly, to be portrayed Sewer or Later, pays homage to past Bandicoot titles. This tipping is hot to one of the Bandicoot. Cortex strikes Back with most iconic levels will display runners dashing through Cortex’s sewage system which is littered with toxic waste barrels, vicious spiders and aggressive robots. 

The third-Snow Go – is a tribute to Cortex strikes Back sharing the same theme as  snowy level where players battle with penguins and avoid pistons dodging the falling icicles. 

The fourth and the last level that was revealed, the Great Gate, inspired by the first title of Crash Bandicoot, present chasers ascending a large gate, destroying giant venus fly traps leaping over large drops and slide under the spike traps.

Final Thoughts

Crash bandicoot on the run, nevertheless, makes consumers feel heavenly for it’s smooth aesthetic graphics and controlling gestures for mobile gamers such as android/iOS. It’s a game made for the fittest. If you have the survival instinct, you can outplay the struggles faced in the game. You should play this game with no regrets. Indulge yourself in a gaming experience and stay on the run with Crash Bandicoot : On the Run.