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Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is the latest from the London-based game company Maze Theory. This time they have teamed up with Kaigan Games to bring you this thrilling title. The game’s premise is frankly quite out of the box. The mobile game was initially met with skepticism by hardcore fans. However it faded shortly after its announcement. Here’s our review on how the title stacks up against expectations.

Doctor who has always had a very loyal and avid fanbase. Some felt very protective about the IP after the game was announced. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is based on the events of an episode from the series featuring David Tenant as the titular Doctor, – Blink. The fan favorite episode turning into a mobile title garnered a lot of skeptical hype. The episode being one of the most iconic of all time for the series, there was a lot riding on it. It features the Weeping Angels, and we are glad to announce that it delivers. It delivers with full spades.

Kaigan Games were previously the masterminds behind Simulacra and Sara is Missing. These award winning titles were both horror games with similar mechanics. The “found phone” aesthetic is their wheelhouse, which explains why the game looks strikingly similar to Simulacra. But it is much more than a rehash of the game with a Doctor Who skin. Whovians can rest assured. The game not only builds upon the lore of Blink, but creates new source material. It’s so true to craft that the game prevents you from putting your phone down. The game frequently pushes the player to the brink of tension. The adrenaline rush from playing The Lonely Assassins is simply unmatched from any game on the app store. It is truly one of a kind for the genre as well as mobile games in general, which tend to fall flat after a while.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – Gameplay Analysis

In the game, you play as someone lucky enough to come upon the lost cellphone of a DVD and a bookshop. Lawrence Nightingale, the main interest for whom you scour for clues. Fans of the show would be familiar with the person of interest. Mr. Nightingale is missing and the phone and its contents are basically all the crumbs you have. The phone seems to be plagued by glitches, while you stay on line with Patronella Osgood. She is one of the favorites of the show as the Whovians would tell you. In the game she is trying to get you onboard in order to figure out what might have happened to Lawrence, and a few other friends that have been missing.

The game is enjoyable simply for the sheer amount of mystery and scouring you need to pull off. There is a lot to uncover to find out what actually happened. At first, the only piece of information available is that Lawrence is missing. But since you’ve acquired his phone, you get tasked with piecing together leads by searching through photos, emails, messages and a browser for more clues. You then scan each of these and send them to Osgood for further speculation.

The puzzles can get quite complicated even though the essential mechanic is search and scan. You need to keep a notepad on check and constantly jog your memory for clues thrown at you. This is because much of the details that seem rather insignificant seem to come into use later. And it is required you pay close attention to the timed puzzles, as they inject a sense of urgency. But this rush may prove to be your downfall if you don’t pay attention.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – Setup and Vibe

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – Premise nails the vibe and stays very true to the nature of the characters from the show. The premise of the game picks up right after the events of Blink. It retains most of the characters from the episode, maintains the humor and wit, and never loses track of its personality. Osgood is smart as a whip, Sally Sparrow and Lawrence are almost the same as they were too. The new story adds to the Angels and Wester Drumlins, all of which make fans very happy.

But the plot hardly only revolves around Lawrence’s disappearance. There are much more sinister things only briefly mentioned, which are clearly afoot. The Doctor has been hard to track down and the “timey winey stuff” has gone haywire. Lawrence’s wife has disappeared too, all of which may be indicators to something big. The corrupt data on the phone with the emails and photos don’t make it easy for you to uncover new details. You’re up against the clock to get them before they disappear for good. The challenge is always apparent in this game.

The game’s greatest strength is the carefully curated eerie atmosphere. Playing it after midnight with the lights turned off is the way to enjoy this to the fullest. Think of the classic horror movies, the dread slowly creeps up on you. That’s what this game delivers without effort. You’re given just long enough time to read the clues on screen. Look away and the photos may be changing again. The intense jump scares are something never achieved before from a game like this. This makes Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins a truly original experience. Just when you think you’re used to the tension, the game manages to stop your heart when the inevitable happens.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins


Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, (the Weeping Angels) are truly terrifying even in the game. The distortions, phone calls and strange occurrences all add to an eerie feeling that you can’t shake off. The game has an innate ability to make you wonder what’s around the corner. The pacing of the story keeps you tightly invested. The creators of the game kept it fresh using a lot of unconventional techniques. Like as the conclusion neared, there is new video footage found. There are also minigames that keep you on your feet. You are never bored, even non-Who fans are bound to have a great time.