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The world of video games has changed so much now. If you ask any teenager, they would tell you about the Fortnite craze and how it has affected the gaming industry. Shooter games have always been under constant scrutiny by concerned parents and now they are making their way into the mobile gaming industry where it is more easily accessible. We have to ask ourselves, does mobile gaming make you violent?

Example Of Violence In Video Games

Example Of Violence In Video Games

Violence in video games is not uncommon as it has been for over a decade. Because of high-speed internet and evolution in technology, many mobile games now too have competitive esports events.

Because online gaming has now become a crucial aspect of competitive mobile gaming where players from all over the world are connected to each other and compete for a ranked ladder. A great example of a game genre that has lots of violence and aggression would be the Battle Royale. This new genre was able to become so popular over time that it shook the industry.

The battle royale game Players Unkown Battleground (PUBG) is one of the most popular mobile games in Japan and worldwide that have over 50 million players who log in every day to play.

The premise of PUBG is simple. 100 players jump off from a plane on a map and then fight each other survive until the last player remains standing. There is a safe zone of a circular radius that appears on the map after the players land and it gets smaller as time passes. Players also have to look for weapons and equipment to fend off other players and survive.

The game sounds pretty beak if you think about it. A very concerned parent would say that it is violent. However, when it comes to mobile games for free online, it is not the violence that should be concerning. The concerning fact should be that these sorts of games are now easily available in handheld devices where a mere six-year-old could download and play it.

The Controversy Regarding Violence In Video Games

The Controversy Regarding Violence In Video Games

If we look at all the media coverage about crimes committed allegedly because of them, then we can simply immediately conclude that the players are all doomed. But is there any conclusive proof at all that video games can actually increase violence in society?

Video games have always been an easy scapegoat because they often depict acts of violence. Some might even glorify criminal activity, violence against animals, children, and women, as well as other offensive acts. These sorts of games fall into a category of their own and are difficult to defend. Video Game developers and producers have every right to include violence in games. Ever wonder why the most popular mobile games in Japan, the USA and the rest of the world like Call Of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile are considered violent?

You might not like it, but for the sake of free speech, you have to respect the rights of developers to create such games. Those that commit acts of violence would always do so even if they watched a horror movie or played a violent video game. Study after study has shown that playing violent games does not significantly increase the risk of violent activity.

However, this should not mean that parents should allow their children to play violent video games. Playing a game does not increase violent activity and is not a valid indicator that someone might commit a crime.

While it is natural to look for something to blame, mobile gaming is not the problem. Media and the whole of society seem to forget their own responsibility as to why violence has been growing. It is easier to blame something that is so popular and convenient rather than clearly examining all other existing factors which may have caused a problem such as aggressive behavior or violent crimes.

The Science Behind The Controversy

The Science Behind The Controversy

There have been lots of opposing viewpoints regarding this topic, with both sides presenting their own studies and researches. Amongst all the conflicting studies and information, it can get extremely difficult to have personal opinions whether mobile games that are free online could increase violent behavior in people. However, with a thorough look at some of the key facts, it’s obvious that the link between acting out on violent behaviors and video games is not directly related.

However, there hasn’t been the slightest research that proves children exhibiting violent behavior solely because they are exposed to intense video games. This is a myth and is not currently proven by any reputable study. Most teenagers who exhibit violent behavior also get exposed to many factors related to their surroundings which can cause them to act out. Accusing video games of causing difficulties in children is false, baseless and poorly informed. When in doubt, it is best to pay attention to the ratings on popular mobile games in Japan, Korea, and North America using it as a guide for the type of games that you should let your children play.

Gaining self-confidence, inducing decision making, enhancing creativity, and acquiring cognitive and problem-solving skills are just some of the benefits that people take for granted or never consider at all. If these are what every video game player learns, then creative, confident and logical individuals can be the by-products too, not just violence. Through more research and studies maybe we will one day find the relationship between video games and human aggression.

Final Thoughts


Video games have continually grown by leaps and bounds.  While there is no tangible evidence of the actual effects that violent video games can have on children, there has been a strong base for parents to be concerned. Concerned critics have been raising the red flag and insisting on the possible link between aggression and the level of violence in these games. However, there have also been studies that have denied this claim. When there are no immediate conclusions or negative biases already formed on mobile gaming because of high profile violent incidents, then more scientific research can take place which might, in the end, result in inefficient ways to study and deal with violence that plagues our society.