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Have you ever considered that a spherical-shaped ball with contagious eyes could drag you to it? Well, Dragon Quest Tact is full of surprises for its fan over there.

It is instead a response towards the game industry that Square Enix has to offer. The perk of this game is that there’s no fight during gameplay. Users can participate as silent users while gaining control of training monsters. However, it’s not as sadistic as it may seem. After all, these are monsters yet characters. They will seem happy to join the user and take part. You also need to choose a leader who will help the other monsters in your team. There are many things you need to collect, a lot of experience you can get. There are so many aspects to the game, and you might face confusion. The game’s difficulty also increases pretty rapidly, and getting monsters becomes harder.

Dragon Quest Tact: In-Game Experience

Well, by now, you must be familiar with the pink ball. Here, they explore that vast land without humans, instead of the monster themselves. Across the journey, users get to meet different characters, but some could change the plot. Graphic-wise, Dragon Quest Tact looks both beautiful and smooth. Likewise, music consists of a variety of tracks from the Dragon games series by composer Koichi Sugiyama.

Dragon Quest Tact is famous for four things:

  1. The famous Dragon Quest monsters will make any gamer get along with it.
  2. Gacha mechanics is similar to loot boxes in video games. It allows inducing players to spend in-game currency to receive a random virtual item.
  3. The repetitive gameplay loop that many will like.
  4. Overall, the minimalistic graphics and audio add little to the game. Control is relatively easier to handle over time.

Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact: Gameplay

Down the line, Dragon Quest Tact has brought tactical improvement in every match. Ultimately users have to plan precisely how to position their units since the movement bases on a grid pattern. The system allows every individual to bring a party of five for each battle. Individual units will focus on specific strengths and weaknesses. Planning is necessary, which means mapping out. Having a plan map brings out the best in the party’s abilities to increase the chances of winning.

In contrast, some can attack from far behind around obstacles and barriers. Others have long-range or fracas attacks; some can use support cards as in skill cards. It can come in handy if used rightfully at the right time in the player’s favor. Furthermore, there is a way to increase strength through boosting by ranking up. Also, awakening them at special needs will break specific caps and levels, utilizing duplicate pulls.

Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact: Fancy Yet Appealing

Opinion wise I think this game as a package is worthy of all bases. Since Square Enix is at the steering wheel, success is around the corner. From production value, music, graphics to dialogue, everything is marvelous. Starting with the most significant selling point for this game can be considered its downfall. Be reminded that this is a game, but such kinds drive some as human beings. For example, the monsters here are hilarious and adorable at times yet at times give nightmares. Playing a game is not only about participating, instead of diving into its story. For some, it becomes part of their life. Also, did that happen to itself by its nature or any other cause? One of the perks of being supernatural is that they can do anything whatsoever. It is an excellent mix of tactical RPGs with gacha gameplay.

Characters and Gamification

Now let’s talk about its other aspects outside character. This game does offer rewards and is pretty generous, even though not that hard to play. You do not have to be a fan to play it. There is also a plethora of events to keep you attached to other aspects. Alternatively, they got everything from Angeling to Ragnarök creatures, making you think about the designers’ minds and creativity. Aside from the primary story mode, you can participate in event battles. Not to mention daily actions to get status up, upgrade what you have, and gold battles. The gameplay is so varied and ambiguous that explaining it all would take a long while. You need to explore and try to understand how things work and understand the mechanics.

Dragon Quest Tact

Final Opinion

In my opinion, Dragon Quest Tact is primarily another leading star collecting its fame. However, acquiring monsters makes it different from others which seems left out. Pulling out the beast from gacha wander was quite a fun and exhilarating experience for me. It was loaded with the fun going and cuteness all over. Needless to say, I will wait for the Final Fantasy crossover. It is a free-to-play game Square Enix needed to release the whole time. With flaw aside, it is an excellent mix of RPGs with gacha gameplay. The RPG element here is the dominant of the blend with gacha, chapters, and events. It’s essential to play gacha stuff to get favorable monsters, XP scrolls, and rarer gear. Overall, Dragon Quest Tact is worth it!