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Action-Adventure loving gamers are no stranger to the legacy of the Tomb Raider. Developed first in the year 1996, by Core Design and published by Eidos interactive, Tomb Raider has significantly made its name over the years as one of the most intriguing storylines on the gaming programs. From Sega Saturn to Android, Tomb Raider has also had multiple platforms where it has been released since its first year. The game follows our protagonist, Lara Croft, as she travels through the unknowns of the world to unravel secrets possessed by ancient monuments.

Tomb Raider (1996)

Tomb Raider

Vicky Arnold, the writer, focuses on the protagonist’s background as an archaeologist of this storyline. Influences are taken from Indiana Jones and Tank Girl, Tomb Raider successfully grabbed the essence of an adventure game on a 3D grid-based level.

In the story, Lara Croft must navigate her way through the ancient ruins of Greece, Peru, and Egypt in the search of the lost city of Atlantis. Even though the game is set on a third-person view, the game puts options to switch between camera angles to have their ultimate cinematic experience. The player gets the option to resurrect even after Lara was killed and continue from the last progress saved.

On her expedition, Lara must face the creatures and formidable animals to collect monuments that help her solve thrilling puzzles. Each level of the game emphasizes the embodiment of the game’s somewhat realistic interactions between Lara and her exploration and ability to decipher riddles. Various modifications were shown in Lara’s movement such as jumping over holes, shimmy over ledges, and swim through water bodies.

For combat, Lara has preferences between freehand, or with weapons drawn. Different combat skills are shown off by our protagonist when in a situation of danger, such as locking targets with a weapon, switching guns, picking up ammo, artifacts, clues, keys, etc. Except for the clues, needed in the actual storyline, the game offers optional secrets to which if discovered by the player he/she is rewarded with additional items.

Tomb Raider II (1997)

Tomb Raider

Just like its predecessor, Tomb Raider II was developed by Eidos interactive, on the basic set up used for the first game. Combat ranges were increased, including weapons such as harpoon gun, grenade launcher, and M16 rifle, automatic pistols, pyrotechnic flares which light up in the dark.

The legacy follows the storyline of Lara uncovering after the “Dagger of Xian” with the myth of it being used by a Chinese Emperor, which possesses the power of turning its bearer into a dragon after being plunged into its owner’s heart. After the last battle fought in Tibet, the warrior of monks have retrieved the dagger and gave it a resting place in the ruins of the Great Wall. During her excavation, she was attacked by a cult leader Marco Bartoli on the same track of investigating the lore of the ancient dagger.

Lara successfully locates Marco and his men in Venice and plans to sabotage their advances on finding the dagger residing within the sunken ship Maria Doria. Later on, she follows Marco to the oil rig via airplane, where he ran an expedition to find the monument. Lara finds an imprisoned monk, Brother Chan, and learns about the ancient Tibetan artifact called the Seraph contained by the shipwreck. Eventually, after scouring through the wreck she found the Seraph. She carries out her investigation sabotaging Marco’s plan further in the Barkhang Monastery in Tibet.

Lara was helped by the monks against Marco, where, she finds and uses five prayer wheels to open a room to hold the Seraph. Subsequently, he reaches up to Marco where he transforms himself into the dragon therefore Lara must defeat him to retrieve the dagger. A battle between the two takes place where Lara comes out victorious. Before the whole tomb could collapse on her Lara makes a quick escape and cheats death, and returns home. Thinking she was safe Lara was once again tracked by Marco’s men in her mansion which she was also successful to overcome.

Tomb Raider III (1998)

Tomb Raider

Built on an upgraded engine after the previous Tomb Raider games, this one interprets the old puzzle solving agenda. Tomb Raider was successful and got enough media attention to almost selling six million copies of the game.

Being an archaeologist, Lara has to be on track to finding yet another ancient artifact, which in this series turns out to be the Infada stone in the ruins of the Infada habitat. Lara gets contacted by an RX Tech scientist, Dr Willard. He belonged to the RX Tech who were investigating the crash site of the meteorite that has affected Antarctica millions of years ago, leaving behind Rapa-Nui like structures.

The doctor explains to her that the Infada stone she’s looking for is crafted by the remnants of the powerful meteorite, as believed by the Polynesians, alongside three other artifacts. The artifacts were later distributed across the world after it was discovered by Charles Darwin and his crew. Dr. Willard tells Lara that he has located the Intifada stone by using a sailor’s diary and that he needs her help to find the other missing artifacts. Lara agreed to help him.

Lara learns about the powerful deity, as she comes across a wounded soldier on her way to its excursion. Lara defeated the deity, who had gained immense power through the second artifact, the Ora Dagger. Lara after her victory, return to London to locate the third artifact, the Eye of Isis, which was under the possession of Sophia Leigh, a cosmetic corporation head. Lara with strategic planning confronts the antagonist and retrieves the artifact.

Later, she proceeds to locate the fourth artifact that was guarded by the U.S government in the area 51 base. Lara, unfortunately, gets caught but manages to free herself in the process of learning about the intentions of Dr. Willard of using the artifacts to encourage monstrous mutation on a global scale. Lara faces many difficulties but manages to defeat Willard who had turned into a mutated spider-like creature. The main purpose of the artifacts was used to make the meteorite deactivate.