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Since the launch of the App Store/Google Play Store in 2008, we have seen millions of games played. As of June 2019, there are 2.7 million available apps in Google Play alone and many are hyper casual games.

During the span of 11 years, we’ve seen all types of games in the market. But during the recent years, there has been an unprecedented growth in one game category: hyper casual.

What exactly are hyper-casual games? We’re going to tackle that and more.  Here’s everything you need to know about hyper-casual games!

What are the hyper casual games?

To put simply, hyper casual games are exactly as the name suggests – casual. These are games with simple mechanics that you can play instantly.

You can spend hours playing these games and you wouldn’t even notice it since it’s so addicting. If you have played “Fruit Ninja”, you know what we’re talking about. This is one of the characteristics of a hyper-casual game – to make you play for hours on end.

But that’s not the only thing they have that makes them successful. They combine these seemingly simplistic elements with a minimalistic UI to create a non-distracting game experience.

Unlike other types of games, free casual games don’t rely on ultra-high-game graphics or 100 features – they’re simply addictive. If you’ve ever heard of the term “tap to play”, it perfectly describes these types of games.


Hyper casual games features

Having uncomplicated features doesn’t mean that free casual games are limited in features. It just means that they have certain elements that need to be thought over in order to succeed.

Here are the fundamental elements of a hyper casual game:

Broad market – One of the goals of hyper casual games is to attract a lot of users as possible. They do this by making the games focus on the masses rather than sticking to a niche. This is how they gained massive popularity over the years. Instead of focusing on niche-specific audience such as a shooting game, they go for themes such as animals, sports, shapes, patterns and more.

Simplicity – When we talk about simplicity, it doesn’t mean boring. Creating a balance between simplicity and challenge is often hard. But that is one of the strengths of free casual games. They stick to simple concepts that can be understood instantly and only adds difficulty over time. Features are also limited in the sense that they aren’t overwhelming the players from the focus of the game – the gameplay.

Focus needed – When we talk about hyper casual games versus casual games, the difference lies in the focus needed to play the game. Hyper casual games often need their players to focus intensely at the task at hand as each game loop is short and sweet. In these types of games, you need to maintain a certain level of focus in order to beat a high score or progress to the next stage.

Short game levels – As mentioned above, they usually have short loops. The shorter the loop, the more opportunities for the players to restart the round. That is what makes it different from mobile games such as Fortnite where a game can take 15 minutes on average. These short game levels allow players to instantly play them when they want to unlike in big games where you need to commit certain amounts of time just to play.

Uncomplicated mechanics – These games often focus on one or two core mechanics. These are what adds to their re-playability and simplicity. There are many types of mechanics out there that these games use.

Here are the most popular ones according to

  • Stacking
  • Turning
  • Dexterity
  • Rising/Falling
  • Swerve
  • Merging
  • Idle
  • Growing
  • Puzzle

Minimalistic and beautiful designs – One of the key features that you’ll instantly notice from hyper casual games is their minimalistic design. Often times, they give a simple menu look with the play button right where you can see them. It doesn’t mean that these games are just simple, they are beautifully designed too. If you want players to play the game for hours, the game should be beautiful enough to stare at for hours.

High scores – The addition of high scores are what spices up a hyper casual game. Since these games rely on simple mechanics, there’s not much to do other than beat the high score for some games.

The popularity of hyper casual games

The popularity of hyper casual games

Hyper casual games have risen to popularity during the past couple of years. Free casual games may seem like a new concept, but they aren’t. In fact, they are inspired by arcade games in the 70s or 80s.

The simple concept has just translated well into today’s need for fast and simple games. People are always looking to kill time and what better way to do that than to play a mobile game, right?

Top Hyper Casual Games Today

If you want to know what the most popular hyper casual games in the App Store and Google Play Store in 2019, here’s a list of them.

App Store

  • Run Race 3d
  • Traffic Run!
  • Color Hole 3D
  • Stack Ball
  • Drift Race 3D
  • AMAZE!!!
  • Clean Road
  • Roller Splat!
  • Color Bump 3D
  • Blockbuster!

Google Play Store

  • Tiles Hop
  • House Paint
  • Crowd City
  • Happy Glass

Final Thoughts

There you have it, those are everything you need to know about hyper casual games! With the release of new titles every so often, casual games aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why would anyone want them gone? They are free, easy, simple and so addictive!