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Football is the game that united many nations across the world in the early 90s. It has come a long way and got everyone together from all classes and platforms. Football is not only a beautiful game rather a life of 90 mins. Today Football has a footprint everywhere globally, and the best way to reach out was to be in the game. Yes, you read that right. I am talking about video games, mainly Football Cup 2021. Even though the joy of playing such a game is authentic only when played in the open field. However, with the influence of technology in the 21st century, expect the unexpected. Football Cup 2021 is every gamer’s, enthusiast’s, and player’s first choice to play. This time Football Cup 2021 is available on all platforms, especially the surprising accountment at the last moment for Nintendo Switch.

Game Offerings

Football Cup 2021

In this segment, we will focus on graphics, in-game achievements, gameplay, and others. Let us not forget, folks, that it is 2021 and most games implement smooth graphics. The founders of Football Cup 2021 had that in mind and made it look natural. What is impressive and astonishing is that the game size comes only at 259 MB. Then comes in-game achievements, which is another way to up-level game journey and keep users keep going. Football Cup 2021 offers a storyline mainly as a professional career and climbing to the top. Every football fan out there has been waiting for a feature like this. Well, guess what? It has more to offer.

Football Cup 2021 Game Play and Extras

Earlier, we have already mentioned that Football Cup 2021 is back on track. 7levels as the co-developer seem to have followed the long waiting fans demand. In this segment, we have a lot to explore. Starting with a daily achievement list. This list will allow gamers to keep an eye on their daily and earn streaks as well. Now the most awaiting subject is trophy room and events. This time users can access the trophy room cabinet and participate in all kinds of events. For the 2021 season, gamers will get primary tutorial-based events for shooting and passing. All of that is displayed on the series of events to carry out the gameplay. Additionally, the power bar can be aligned anywhere per the user’s motive.

Football Cup 2021 Tournaments and Extra Features

In this segment, the gameplay is for this season pack. Football Cup 2021 seems reasonable in all aspects. Not to mention that all Football Cup 2021 is also available in APK. The game offers support for national teams and clubs all across Europe, America and others. Besides, they do provide more with the likes of Europa, Copa Del Sur, Champions Cup. One thing that caught my eye is the addition of an online leaderboard. It is pretty helpful to keep track of who’s ahead in the game. Now getting back to the gameplay while playing, the arrow acts as a gauge for stamina. Then there’s a trick button that allows for dodging opponents. Not to mention that even tackling has a cool lock-on feature allowing to attack a player.

Football Cup 2021: Environment and Ratings

Football Cup 2021

Football Cup 2021 does provide four seasons in motion. From random, sunny, rainy, to snow. The weather seems decent and can set to the preferred choice. The in-game experience feels almost real alike. However, the next update could be better, allowing to bring some minor changes. Team ratings range from 0-100 as usual. However, match lengths do come in custom formats from 2-10 minutes, respectively. Edited is permeable here regards to all teams and players as well. I got to admit this game evolved a lot and came a long way.


Football Cup 2021

One serious issue I came across is that there is no touch screen support. Most teams are not official nor up-to-date names which is another thing to worry about. On the other hand, the control layout is only one. Likewise, other games do provide a mini-map for passing which is missing here. At times shooting feels tricky, not helpful in one vs. one. AI pathfinding seems to have lost its mind as it is all over the place. Football means roar, enthusiasm, and emotion ridden by energy, whereas here that is missing, no commentary found. It is not very reassuring. Football Cup 2021 without commentary and no goal celebration choice seem like dead ground.

Furthermore, there is no online mode available. Last but not least, expect the unexpected sometimes, users may kit clashes. In a word, I expected a lot more from the game this season.

Final Thoughts

Football Cup 2021 is a game with influence.  Shooting is the same, but you get an aiming arrow which reduces some stress. Without mini-map or view options picking out teammates and judging anything is tricky. Football Cup 2021 does a great job of keeping controls simple, and even as a goalie in penalties in pressing left or right. You get a trick button that changes what trick you do depend on direction and speed. I expect to see more customizations for kits for diversity. Also, more locations to play not being forced to play challenges to unlock game modes. Speaking of game modes, it seems pretty bizarre to have a set of events before a tournament.