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Journey to Game of War

In 2015, I started to play a game called Game of War. I was introduced to this game by a friend and coworker. Having not played any games in several years playing an MMO was very different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I had two sets of friends Game of War, Guns of Glory, the latter of which I have not tried yet. But I look forward to playing that game too as a lot of my friends play that.

I came across a fun group of friends from all over the world and I connected with them through gaming. I never knew such a diversity of people would play games like Game of War. Just goes to show you cannot really judge a book by it’s over.

Game of War: Honest Reaction

After playing with these people, they became very dear friends that I still hold close to my heart. But I began to notice something about the game itself. The gaming server that we played on with several other friends and enemies began to fall apart. People started to leave the game just in time. After 6 months, the server was nearly dead. We are mentioning “nearly” just to be nice about it when actually it was completely destroyed.

I moved on to a new gaming server with some of my friends and met many new friends as well and we had a lot more fun together. In time, the second server also died. It was utter nonsense, they could have taken extra measures, right? Online gaming is a huge industry and there are millions of players and I’m sure if they can focus on improving their server-related issues, they can retain a lot of online players.

Game of War review

Guns of Glory: Lovers Quarrel

A year later, I saw an ad for a game called Guns of Glory. Once again, I had lots of gaming adventures and I met a lot of new friends. Over time, the same thing that happened in Game of War also happened in Guns of Glory. I had to encounter another dead server. Having spoken to lots of folks who quit playing, I found a few common reasons why they left. Updates became too frequent to keep up with. Their account was zeroed and too costly to recover. In time, the game became boring and many left. The biggest reason of all is that the game is just too damn expensive.

Taking into consideration the cost of marketing, the fact that tens of thousands of players are necessary is quite a thought. Because of low retention after seeing the paywall, it’s no wonder those games were so expensive to play. Let’s discuss in short about one of the factors that contributed to this.

Guns of Glory review

Who are Whales in MMO?

In Massive Multiplayer Online games, there are very few who spend. This requires game developers to seek out very high spending players to compensate for players who are not spending much if anything at all. As a result of whales spending so much money, most of what the developers are trying to do is to cater to them and no one else.

It seems that even when players are quitting the game because of wealthy bullies attacking them and stealing their resources, the developers simply don’t care because their business model is catered to the whale who spends most of the money.

However, the problem that occurs long term is that the whale eventually becomes bored because of fewer targets to attack (the lower spending players). Coupled with the fact that even though whales typically are not social players, they do like to see action and activity on the server of both the Game of War and Guns of Glory.

Possible Solutions

Instead of aiming for just a few big-spending players left on each server after 6 months, the team of Game of War and Guns of Glory should monetize in such a way that lots more people are encouraged to spend but much lower amounts of money. Allow whales to help their victims to recover after brutally defeating them and demoralizing them. Stop selling power! Find other ways to monetize games that players will be happy to partake in without giving a selected few such a strong ability to dominate.

Always show players a specific amount they need to spend in order to give them an idea the game isn’t a never-ending money pit by allowing them to budget how much they need to spend each week or month.

Game of War and Guns of Glory developers should encourage gamers to invest and profit from the gaming company they are spending on. It sounds like a stretch but this will create a stronger gaming culture that could potentially last for years. Rather than a company milking a game for every last penny and then ditching it for the next cash grab game.

Game of War and Guns of Glory: Wrap Up

As a  player who has played mobile MMO games in the past and made lots of great friends doing so, it would be a lot of fun to find more games like Game of War and Guns of Glory that my friends, my future gaming friends, and I can continue to play for many years to come. Online games are an almost cost-free way to enjoy your free time. Without it, we would have nothing but we just have to watch mindless TV shows. Although, at one point in time you miss games like this. These kinds of games bring out the inner thinking ability in you.

Some actual ways they can change is to follow the game strategies of people who are in the big time. Games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, even League of Legends has unfailing prospects. They sold a champion skin and got 2 million dollars in sales. Another reason they are stagnant now it is because they do not have an offline system. 8-ball pool has an offline system that you can use to practice your shots and pass time easily. Overall, if you like to explore a different taste of game which lets you think before you play, you can try out both the games.