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Let’s get this out of the question right away: Genshin Impact’s influence and its stunning, sprawling anime universe of Teyvat obviously take a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While exploring, it’s difficult not to be aware of Link’s open-world adventures in Hyrule, from the graphic design to the stamina-based “climb everything” feature to the gliding. But this isn’t a knockoff; Genshin Impact’s fantastical universe, varied playable characters, and complex RPG structures are all distinct and cool enough to enable it to exist on its own two feet – and every one of the more than 120 hours you  spent in Teyvat will be an utter blast.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action-adventure RPG in which you play a hazy and enigmatic “traveler” from another dimension who appears in Teyvat before being assaulted by a sorceress, God, or something, and your twin is kidnapped. After waking up on a beach at level one with no loot, you embark on a journey to locate your missing sibling that includes a lot of collecting fruit, forging objects, and battling deities, but shockingly little actual looking for your twin. Since, just like Link’s rush to save Zelda, finishing these quests in which you feed ducks is much more essential.

The tale of Genshin Effect is one of its weakest points, since it utilizes virtually every anime character stereotype and story cliche in the novel. Characters can repeat the same mystical jargon as though they were paying by the expression, and the plot will amble from one funny mishap to the next with no continuity. The XP-gating that occurs in each act, where you’ll need to reach an increasingly challenging to enter Adventurer Rank to progress to the next mission, doesn’t improve the pacing.

But, because you’ll be spending the majority of your time in Genshin Impact wandering the globe and thinking up your own tales while you level up rather than listening to people describe what the hell an Anemoculus is, the sloppy arrangement isn’t a deal breaker.  And, with a few deviations, the eccentric cast of characters (a total 23 of whom are playable) are a great experience to connect with and play as, even though we briefly rolled our eyes when they made repetitive and really uncalled for lewd remarks for no purpose at all – yay, anime!

Genshin Impact Deep Look: Teyvat Traveler

Genshin Impact

The biggest star in Genshin Impact is Teyvat, an universe that is brimming with possibilities. Every nook and cranny is brimming with collectibles to power up your heroes, chests to find and steal from, puzzles to solve, antagonists to defeat, tasks to complete, dungeons to conquer, bosses to face, and missions to complete. It’s almost depressing how much job there is to be completed. There still appeared to be only five or six items in my imminent field of vision to try in every particular region of the vast world map, each including their own obstacles and rewards. It can be challenging to remain focused and finish big quests at times because there is an abundance of talent open to you when you wander the globe. A hidden chest that catches your attention can lead to an unscheduled search or multi-step puzzle. Following a flapping blue fairy could result in a huge fighting confrontation or even a lengthy boss battle. It’s a sickeningly destructive chain of events of stuff to do in the best way imaginable.

Genshin Impact: A World Filled to the Brim With Activities to Do

Genshin Impact

It doesn’t hurt that the Teyvat universe is completely beautiful to look at and listen to during, with the noticeable exception of some compulsory over-the-top anime voice talent. While it borrows more than it invents in terms of presentation, the sights and sounds of this planet are always spectacular, with spectacular vistas around every corner and a memorable playlist to back them up. On the PS4 and tablet, you may find yourself quickly traveling through a region before it has finished loading and have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up with you, but apart from those minor glitches, Genshin Impact looks and performs admirably.

When you start unlocking new heroes, each with their own combat style, powers, and elemental inclinations, the environment changes form when you discover entirely new ways to connect with it. What was once too large for you to swim through becomes conveniently navigable with the aid of a cryo-type personality like Kaeya, who can actually freeze the sea. Mountain peaks that were once impossible to enter become accessible until Venti and his capacity to generate wind waves anywhere he pleases are unlocked.  Just when we thought we knew what our time in Teyvat would be like, we unlocked a new character, item, or talent that totally changed the way we played and rekindled our passion for the next dozen hours of relentless loot chasing in Genshin Impact.

Fight consists of easily flipping through a group of up to four characters to fire, hack, and explode across a large range of enemy styles. Each character has their own elemental form and a few skills that use that feature. You will unleash some seriously powerful combos by flipping between roles and utilizing their forces synergistically. For eg, if you use Xingqui’s water ability to get the enemy soaked, then respond with Fischl’s electric assault, the harm is compounded and can knock out a slew of baddies with a single hit.

Swapping Characters Immediately To Synergize Forces Will Lead To Some Impressive Combos

Genshin Impact

Loading your roster in Genshin Impact with playable characters, guns, and objects, and knowing how they communicate with one another, becomes essential to battle effectiveness, particularly with some challenges that need you to complete the battle before a clock runs out. This becomes especially crucial as you reach the actual endgame and enemies, notably bosses, become more aggressive and acquire beefy health bars. If you’re battling a giant wolf with ice assaults that are just downright insulting, or a blazing plant with some absolutely gross inferno powers, having any weapon at your discretion becomes essential.

After hitting Adventure Rank 16, Genshin Effect can also be played in co-op mode, although this element seems a little tacked on at the moment. You can host or enter another player to take on tasks and overcome bosses together, although in the overwhelming majority of situations, the guest would not be eligible to enjoy the advantages of any events you accomplish. That’s a shame, since adventuring with a mate may be a lot of fun – but when one of you is shut out of almost all loot and advancement, only willing to assist in battle, it’s just not enjoyable enough to do for more than a brief period.