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Harry Potter: Wizard Unite might not be the magical game of my dreams (that Harry Potter RPG trailer leaked is, presumably, more than a notion) but I am happily shocked to see how much I like Niantic’s most recent “rolling RPG.”   This follow-up to the stupendously popular Pokemon GO as it does a lot to defend its plot, which makes the premise behind it a little awkward, but the several layers of discovery and selection it promotes held me engaged every day so far.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Pokemon GO, in short, except with wizards tchotchkes instead of pocket monsters that can be gathered. The longer version of the summary reads a little more like a J.K. Rowling tweet: a great catastrophe has affected the wizard universe and seeks to smash the barrier between visual and magic in the silent, post-Deathly Hallows epilog life of Harry, Ron and Hermione. You and wizards around the globe are invited to help maintain the Secrecy Statute and hopefully overcome the conflagration.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unit: Controllable Mishmash

As a follower of Harry Potter, it’s a silly and not uninteresting hook and it gives me the excuse to chat with several of the world’s popular wizards.  However, the plot is drawn up in tiny amounts and this was supposed to be discussed over the coming months and you can get more texts with some VO, a shocking perception of Daniel Radcliffe and expectably experiences of Emma Watson and Maggie Smith, to combine with some sweet moments from the latest characters.

The format of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is immediately recognizable to everyone who has played Pokemon GO and also serves as a perfect base for a smartphone game. Explore the natural world with an enlarged overlay — this time, Wizard Unite’s map is lovelier includes more vivid storybook esthetics — you search about a variety of things known as Foundables. In real fact, the Confoudable things hold the foundation in spatial and temporal from its location and the Foundable must be freed from the Confoundable.

Look, it’s a long way of saying what you should do: press a symbol on the screen, easily and reliably trace the shape of one of many spells, and ideally free whatever object is in front of you. It’s a more intelligent and improved variant of the capturing concept of Pokemon GO. Detecting magic is a more enjoyable, entertaining way to tackle Wizards Unite’s collection, but it’s not just as fantastic a wish-fulfillment element as throwing a Pokeball at Pokemon. When you’re attempting to fill out individual sections in your Registry, called the Magic Pokedex, the cool addition of signposts inform you what kind of Foundables can be seen in those places on the map.

However, Niantic’s most recent game doesn’t do a better job of delving into the details of this core mechanism. It’s so focused on defending its own life that it doesn’t do anything to really show you or help you better your spellcasting. Part of the problem may be due to how many Niantic aims at you in the first few stages of Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Not Impressed With How It Presents Numerous Features

As much as I’ve loved my experience with Pokemon GO, much of it has come down to wandering about, sometimes seeing the same Pokemon for the millionth time, or praying my Tyrannitar doesn’t get thrown out of a gym during the game’s first several months. The division of Foundables into a number of categories in Harry Potter Wizards Unite has also inspired me to go on new quests, looking for places in San Francisco that could contain specific objects, such as the park near the FixFreeToPlay headquarters, which may contain more Dark Arts Foundables, as compared to the area near my house.  And the chance to basically pride a page in the Registry – that is, refresh it until I’ve collected enough objects to earn further XP as I find more – is a great way to keep me going even after I’ve discovered my twenty mystical megaphone.

While many of the illustrations are amusing to watch, the disappointing decision to go for a convincing design of human beings just can’t compare to the actual people I’ve witnessed in the Harry Potter movies. The protagonists in the game are based on the movie actors who portrayed them, but due to the light description, jagged graphics, and minimal gestures, they appear more like Halloween costumes than the actual thing.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite: Most Mystical Aspect

The authentic multiplayer element, Fortresses, is one aspect that I enjoy but am concerned about its long-term viability. Although they might be completed alone, you can team up with friends to battle your way through each floor of every Fortress you encounter, bringing in various rune combos to win prizes. You’ll simply use magic tracing to strike and counter, but there’s a fun bit of technique that can play a role beyond basic form of matching if you choose various careers and mix with friends that have different skills. It’s a lot more fun than clicking and tapping your way around every Pokemon contest.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Final Verdict:

Since experiencing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, I’m a little perplexed. I’ve been loving the everyday grind of finding Foundables, and the many targets, streams of experience points, and choices bring depth to an experience that has been repetitive in other games for me. About this, it does such a bad job of exposing you to any of these things or offering you a sense about how to handle them that I always wondered whether I was doing it incorrectly. I’m concerned about the durability of this walking RPG, given the fast collector’s ceiling I hit, the lack of realistic customization, and the lack of effective ways to communicate with other players who aren’t physically present at the time. For the past week, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has provided a nice, tiny dose of enchantment in my everyday life, and I plan to keep soaking myself into the wizarding universe each day for the near future, but apart from wrapping a shield around a troll, I’m not sure how entertaining any of these mechanics would stay in the immediate future.