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So you’ve developed an awesome mobile game app and have submitted it to the major app marketplaces. All the heavy lifting has been done, so you can just sit back and watch the money roll in, right? If you are reading this article, by now you probably understand that it isn’t that simple. Let’s go over some of the top methods for getting users for your game.

Get Social

The best way to spread the word about your new game is by using social media. In fact, many developers will use social media to promote their game before the game is even complete. This is a good alternative to promoting your video game through mobile game ads. However, if you’ve already gotten your game published and do not have a social media presence yet, that’s OK. As long as you have a good product, it is never too late to start.

The first step in using social media to acquire users for your mobile game is to create profiles on the major social networking sites. These profiles can either represent your mobile game or your studio/company as a whole. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are major platforms that can be utilized to get users for your game.

Once you create a profile, be sure to make it clear what your profile is representing. Include important information in your profile like the name of your game, your studio name, and your website. Then, make regular posts on each social media site related to your mobile game app. Once or twice a week works great. These posts can be about anything related to your game, from artwork and gameplay videos to news and updates. Be sure to highlight what separates your game from the rest by emphasizing how it is unique. Don’t be afraid to use humor.

Start Your Interactions

Creating profiles and interacting with gamers in online communities is another strategy for promoting your game. Search for active discussion boards related to your game and sign up. Once you get familiar with the community, spread the word about your game. Be sure to check each site’s posting rules beforehand, as some sites do not allow users to advertise/promote their own products through mobile game ads. Reddit is a great place to start, as the site has hundreds of active gaming-related subreddits on various topics.

Lastly, be sure to create a YouTube channel for your studio or for your game specifically. Also, make sure to post high-quality videos featuring real gameplay from your app. Be creative. Add music, graphics, narration, etc. to your videos to help better showcase what sets your game apart from the rest. Be sure to promote each of your videos using social media sites.

Create A Website For Your Mobile Game App

What’s the point in using social media (and advertising) if you do not have a place to redirect potential players to? Sure, you can always send people directly to an app marketplace download page, but what if your game is on multiple platforms? Creating and maintaining a high-quality website is crucial in maximizing downloads for your game. Let’s go over some of the parts of a successful website for a mobile game.

Once you have a suitable domain name (usually this will be ‘, it is time to set up your website. I recommend using a platform like WordPress which will allow you to easily create and manage your site’s pages. In general, you want your homepage to be a landing page that includes a brief, straightforward description of your game (e.g. ‘Multiplayer shooting action – for free.’) as well as graphics and download buttons/links. Here is a list of landing page examples.

Your website can also include a separate page with more detailed information about your game, news and updates, contact information, a gallery of art/videos from your game, and links to your social media pages. Also, make sure your website is mobile-friendly, as many of your users will be viewing the site on mobile devices.


Everyone who has used the internet has seen digital advertising, and virtually everyone who owns a smartphone has seen mobile advertising. Though it may be a bit expensive for a small developer who has not earned much in the industry yet, paying for mobile game ads can be a great way to get users for your game.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the premier advertising platform on the internet. Using Google Ads, you can start advertising campaigns promoting your mobile game using text, image, and video advertisements. With Google Ads, you can even specifically target mobile users, which is perfect for someone promoting an app.

There are other good advertising platforms out there as well, so be sure to look into diversifying your advertising approach. Facebook Ads can reach a large audience of potential users on the popular social network, while AppLovin is a platform specifically focused on advertising mobile games.

Keep Your Mobile Game App Updated

Keep Your Game Updated

With mobile games, especially multiplayer/online ones, it is especially important that developers continue to pump out regular updates. In addition to standard bug fixes, you and your team should do your best to create new quality content for your users. This new content can be in the form of new levels, new game world areas, new skins/art, or seasonal events. To make things easier, brainstorm new content ideas and develop them beforehand to make things go smoother when it is time to roll out the update.

New updates ensure your game appears ‘alive’ and ‘fresh’ to potential new users. In addition, these updates keep your already-acquired users active and engaged. The more quality gameplay you provide for your users, the more social content your players will put out based on your game, from YouTube videos to tweets. For some games, regular updates are not practical and may be costly, so you must gauge how profitable adding new content will be for your own game. When it comes to marketing a product (in this case, your mobile game app), be consistent and persistent. If you do your research and use multiple promotion strategies, success is all but guaranteed if you have a quality product.