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Striving to be number 1 in any clan-based online mobile game could be a priority for you if you like to be competitive. In any case, from the myriad of successful multiplayer games out there, there could be countless different strategies for different games.

The core concept, however, remains the same. Good teamwork will lead your clan to victory. Here are some strategies that you could apply to any online clan-based game and climb the ranks quickly:

Steps To Become  Number One In Any Clan Based Online Mobile Game

1. Pick One Online Mobile Game To Climb.


The first step is simple. Choose a game that you will invest most of your time in. If you play lots of games, then it’ll be hard to focus your energy on winning. Games like Clash of Clans are a good example of a perfect clan-based game to pick and begin your journey to number 1.

2. Know Your Enemy.


In this step, studying your opponent would provide opportunities in battle or combat. An example would be when you know what your enemy clan’s level is. It is wise to choose picks where the opponents are of a similar or lower level than your clan. A good bonus would be to know every member of the opposing clan when preparing for clan wars or battles. In some games, unique strategies are applied. A spy can be sent from your clan to join an enemy’s clan before the battle and feed you information. This can be a good strategy for any clan-based online mobile game.

3.   Communication Is Key.


Three monkey porcelain statues.

The most important step is joining a clan where you can understand each other’s languages. Many times have I seen clans lose a war, not because they lacked arsenals or troops, but players were all over the world and didn’t speak a common language well. Though some games have adapted that and tried to add pings and basic greetings as a way for simple communication. Before joining a clan, make sure you see what the language is. The best choice would be picking one whom you believe it would be easier to communicate with.

4. Learn From Losses.


Amongst the clan-based mobile phone games to play with friends online not every match will bring you a surefire victory. There may often be the case where you are facing defeat more often than getting victories. It might break or make your clan. That’s, why you should communicate to your clan members, the lessons you have learned from the battle while playing an online mobile game.

5. Plan, Organize And Grind For Resources, Don’t Stock.


Would you call yourself a resource hoarder? Do you have tons of wood, gold, stone, etc stocked to the fullest in your game? It could be any game. But what would happen when an enemy player raids your resources? It might be damage which you won’t easily be able to recover from and this happens in many cases of games like clash of clans.  That’s why, in order to reach number 1, you have to spend all of your resources into training troops, building defenses, buildings, doing research until you are so low, that no one would attack your base.

6. Counter Building and Meta Building in an Online Mobile Game.


In this day and age, some might ask. Is counter building still a thing? In the case of online clan-based mobile games, that’s a yes. Whether you are playing a strategy based clan game or an MMO based clan game, you eventually get to look at your opponent’s builds, stats, troops, etc. From this, an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses can be easily gauged. When choosing from phone games to play with friends online, pick a popular game, so you can find lots of guides online on the best builds and strategies to follow. This will pave the way for you to reach number 1.

7. Attacking Is The Best Defense


A good offense, in this case, can be a good defense. The step before explained that knowing your opponent’s builds can be a good way to determine their weakness. Then what’s the best way to know your opponent’s weakness? Its to fight them of course. Once you’ve fought a battle, and you’ve either won or lost, by then you would know the opponent’s weakness. This can be good preparation before going to clan wars. Sparring with opposing clans, and figuring out each other’s weaknesses can be a good strategy to gain future victory and fun too!

8. Scouting


We’ve already talked about spying, but what about scouting? Well, in this case, every clan needs a scout or you might know them as recruiters. Their job is to find potential members who are strong enough to join their clan or meets their preferences. You can be a scout yourself and gather clan members who you think might be worthy of your clan.

9. Surprise The Enemy


In competitive online play, a surprise is an element of victory. Especially if that surprise is preceded by a planned ambush. In a generic clan-based strategy game, there will be timers when your clan-members can attack and timers for when the enemy can attack.  If you use lots of hidden traps and ambushes in your base’s defenses, then any intruding enemy would surely be surprised. A key point in surprising the enemy is having a strong build when playing a strategy and clan-based online mobile game.

10. Be Least Predictable


Are your actions across the game predictable and generic? Can your opponent say what your next move will be after seeing your first move? If this is the case then you need to be less predictable when playing an online mobile game. In order to do that, you have to take risks and be more aggressive (as explained in step 7).  Use surprise tactics, don’t back down when your opponent is attacking and lots of mind games against the opponents will surely lead your clan to victory.

Final Thoughts


If there’s an online mobile game you’ve liked and played for a while, join a clan. Single-player campaigns in clan-based games can be fun, but it gets boring at times and joining a clan could make it even better. The one way to reach the top and be number 1 would be to follow all these steps and use your own knowledge and experience to lead your clan to victory.