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Why is it that nowadays online mobile games are so popular? And why are so many companies focusing on developing online games? The answer is simple: What didn’t work then, works now. If you’ve been an avid gamer, you might already know the secret. This article will uncover the secrets of keeping mobile gaming servers alive longer.

What is a gaming server?

What is a gaming server

Before we dive into things, understanding what a gaming server can be crucial to figuring out how to keep them running longer. Most of the top mobile games you see today support online multiplayer gameplay. This type of multiplayer based play enhancing gaming to a completely new level and provides a more competitive environment not found in the single-player game mode.  And these online multiplayer games can only be played when there is a game server that’s hosting the files. Game companies can have their own gaming servers or a rented one. Nowadays almost every game has online features.

A Good Balance Between Premium and Freemium Games

A Good Balance Between Premium and Freemium Games

Nowadays, most top mobile games that can be played online are free. For example, Adventure Quest 3D and Vainglory are perfect examples of some popular free to play games for Android and iOS. However, there is also a high demand for premium games. Not your generic clone of what’s trending, but games with a deeper background to it.

These days developers are investing time and effort into developing games that even though maybe free but will contain no pay to win element. Now, freemium games have very frowned upon in NA by some gamers. This is because of mobile games for free that can be played online often force incentives upon players to buy boosters or skins. Some games even offer experience and ability boosts in the pay to win shop which can deter most players away from the game and results in the servers slowly dying.

What Are The Devs Doing To Stop Players From Leaving Their Servers?

What Are The Devs Doing To Stop Players From Leaving Their Servers

A good question. The companies that have a big stake in the online mobile games industry like NetEase or Tencent can afford to push regular updates to their games and keep content fresh for new and old players. This is why these companies can afford to keep the games free to play because of their initial investments.

Mobile gaming online has shifted to more fun and competitive ways of online play via mobile phones and now more than ever people are not held back by hardware. Anyone can jump in and play the new generation of mobile games that keep coming out every week.

Most new online games for mobile phones also offer incentives to stop the free to play players from leaving. What are those? Daily login bonus, along with small perks here and there than can add up to become considerable amounts of loot. This is a good tactic for keeping the servers alive alongside doing community events and giveaways.

Why Does Popular Mobile Games Online Have Active Servers?

Why Do Popular Mobile Games Online Have Active Servers

You can look at PUBG Mobile for example. It has over 30 million players log in from their Android or iOS devices to play the game every day. Why though? Lots of reasons.

Games that offer innovative gameplay with good graphics and online multiplayer gameplay can actually attract lots of people. The best part of this game is that it is free and contains no pay to win elements. The cash shop is purely cosmetic and has a large collection of skins to chose from.

This offers further incentives to players who have leveled up to have a unique and customized look to their appearance while climbing the ranked ladder. Most of the online mobile games for free which are popular and have a robust player base follow this type of business model.

What To Do When Choosing A Game With An Active Player Base

What To Do When Choosing A Game With An Active Player Base

When you are looking for a fun online game to play on mobile with your friends, how do you know that it is worth your time? Checking youtube videos can be a nuisance if you don’t want to waste extra time. The best solution here is to look at the most recent reviews of the game in the Appstore or Playstore.

That way you can see the most recent feedback of players. If its something that you see has lots of positive reviews, then go download it and give it a try with your friends. Most likely that game would be free to play like the games are these days.

When you selected a game and hopped into the main screen, choose your server wisely, oftentimes I pressed yes on the wrong server to find out that I don’t understand the languages. Choose a server that has your preferred language.

Be active in the forums, Pages, and groups for community events and giveaways. Many online games are now using social media to keep their servers alive. Hosting community giveaways and fun events can keep things interesting in the game while keeping player bounce rate at an all-time low.

This overtime helps to develop and build a bond amongst players which results in a very non-toxic mobile gaming community in some cases. Most of the best mobile games for free that can be played online with friends offer all these, but also offer a chance to see if it’s something you might invest your time on without paying first.

Final Thoughts


The games in Google Playstore or iOS Appstore that feature online multiplayer would, of course, have a cash shop and would likely be free to play. Though it is not something that should deter you from playing as free to play online mobile gaming has lots to offer.  And if you find a game that you like and have spent some good time playing it, you could consider buying a skin or an item from the cash shop to help out the developers. Actions like these would eventually help the gaming community become stable and help keep the servers alive longer.