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League of Legends is a game that anyone can play online as long as they have a decent internet connection and a computer. Its genre is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) but it is not like any of its other species. This game encompasses a good portion of the world’s gaming population and has big-time tournaments all over the planet.

A Brief History About League of Legends

League of Legends was released by Riot Games back on October 27, 2009. It started as a nice little game to pass time on, each match takes 30 mins+ but we will get back to that later. It used to have just about 100k players worldwide but now that number reaches into the millions. The players that play this game do so because it takes little power to run it. Even gamers with a laptop can play League of Legends.

For a long time, this game used to be innocent. It was a game with quirky characters that had different abilities. Players can relate to these characters and their backstory, truly feel one with their champion. But as of today there some darkness inside the league that needs to be discussed. Just like the life League of Legends is not a bed of roses in the slightest. Some of the things you will learn may shock you.

league of legends

The Good Aspects

This MOBA can be played hours upon hours on end. At one point in the game, there is a rush you can feel that no other game gives you. The satisfaction of winning a match is quite like nothing other. That is why it’s many players are hooked onto the game. All they want to do is rush back home from school and start playing League of Legends. The good thing is this a teenage friendly game, it requires you to be at least thirteen to play but most players start playing earlier.

It is an incredible way to pass a lot of time, time flies when you are playing matches that sometimes take over an hour. In fact, the longest game in League of Legends game history was over two hours long. The game consists of lanes – Top lane, Mid Lane, Jungle, and Bottom lane. Each of the lanes has one champion except bottom lane which has two.  Once you learn the basics of the game it is easy to get the hang of it. If you look at videos of how the pros handle some of the champions, you can apply it yourself. That is how you become really good at certain lanes

The Dark Side of League of Legends

Most likely no one likes to waste time, no matter what they are doing it has to be worth the time. Losing a game in League of Legends has a psychologically deterring effect. Players who cannot handle it sometimes go manic and have anxiety disorders. You have to mentally prepare yourself and remind yourself that it is just a game. Unless you play in a tournament giving you one million dollars as cash prize and you lose.

Players have been witnessed to lose several days of sleep and become too thin as a result of not eating food. They become lethargic and less caring about life, all they wanna do is play League of Legends. Just like overeating, there must be a balance of exposure to this game. It would not be an exaggeration to call it radioactive so don’t forget your hazmat suit.

The real world becomes less important, delusional in this fantasy of League of Legends and the rush of winning a game. Sure there are massive bragging rights if you do get to Challenger, but taking that chance is a BIG IF. The chances of you getting to challenger are almost zero because challenger players have to play League of Legends as their career. Unless you get paid to play League of Legends you should never let it completely take over your own life, you have better things to do.

league of legends

What It Takes to Be a Pro-Player

Take time to make mental preparation before starting every match, breathe deep. Tell yourself whatever happens you will have fun, no regrets. Remember to pick a lane that you are an expert in, do not give out your own lanes in ranked matches. Yes, there are players especially in lower ranks that ask to change their lanes and mess up the whole game. When you lose consecutively, take a break go eat food and come back to play. Play no more than max ten games per day if you need to get your fill.

Practice meta champions of League of Legends as they have a higher chance of getting you ranked up. There are many in each lane such as for Top lane you can choose Garen, Riven, Yasuo, Teemo, Shen, Darius, Tryndamere. For Mid lane the meta champions are Ryze, Yasuo, Zedd, Fizz. For Bottom Lane, it actually matters who you are good at anyone can be meta common ones like Lucian, Jhin, Aphelios, Miss Fortune, Ashe. Support is a role that requires players to be supportive of the ADC(attack, damage, carry) champ of Bottom lane. Support Champions can make or break the game so practice or do this role only if you can.

Also, the best pro tip I can give you is this; if League of Legends is taking too much of your time then leave it and try some of the best mobile MMO games. If you are losing friends and not doing your school work then delete the game. Trust me the price is not worth the hassle.