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In the world of console games, many titles are extraordinary. Very few, come close to Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4. As an avid gamer, many titles have gone through my console without much of a lasting memory. But this game was the one true game that had a lasting effect on me. I honestly did not think a game would affect me like this. Hopefully, this article will make you feel as if you too are a believer as well.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4: Worthy of The Hype

When the game was released on September 7, 2018, and it was almost as big of a launch as the first spider-man movie that was launched in 2002. People waited till the day, with great anticipation, for Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 to be released. Anyone who has played the game has had trouble doing anything else, it is just that good. The first time I turned on the game it was like entering this hyper-real depiction of the superhero. I could swear a tear rolled down my eye when I saw the graphics. Because of the rigorous amount of work put into the game, it is an absolute masterpiece.

Unlike other games such as Fortnite on PS4, this game leaves a lasting impression on you. It teaches you a lot of life lessons as well, such as there are consequences to every action in life. Another lesson it visually shows you is that even superheroes have normal real-life problems. It is astonishing how much this game relates to real life. The architecture of New York is breathtaking in-game, they even have the Avengers tower in the game. So there are also ingenious points of continuity put into the game. As the best of the best say, it is the details that matter.

Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4

Technical Side of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4

This game follows the open-world basis of presentation. You can talk to people in the street knock over a lot of stuff, throw things around, break them, etc. The game was made using real stuntmen who did every motion of the game. 3-D suits were worn and they mapped all the movements to make the game seem as natural as possible. Because of this intense level of dedication to accuracy the game has very fluid motion. Multiple camera movements were merged with the field of view of the player to make it feel more heroic.

All the web-slinging and fights look very realistic, as close to true to life as possible. If you have a PS4 pro then you will be astounded with the quality of gameplay because of the HDR enhancement. Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 uses all the components of the PS4 to the fullest extent. You must make sure your vents are not full of dust as it tends to make the console a bit hot. That is quite understandable because this is a game that could have needed a very expensive pc to run. It is very good that you can play a game of this caliber on the PS4 and PS4 pro.

The Plot, Missions, DLC and Other Information

The main story mode begins with Peter Parker beginning his morning with toast. Then he leaps out of the window and I am going to stop there because I hate spoilers. Then along the first segment of missions concern the criminal organization named the Demons. You are on a mission to stop Mister Negative, who is one of Marvel’s top villains, right up there with Venom. Then you continue to see the origin of how Dr. Otto Octavious became Doctor Octopus. This is a very serious aspect of the life lessons part of the game. It shows clearly that villains are not born, they are made. It is nice to see that Mary Jane has an active role in this game, you even play as her in some missions.

Nothing in the Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 feels like a game. Be warned if you use Playstation VR then you are done. You will be immersed to such an extent real life may very well vanish. Another good factor of this game is the insanely good Downloadable Content. For a measly price, you can get three additional stories that include missions with Silver Sable and Black Cat. These missions bring new vigor to the game if you are done with everything. Everything means all missions and side missions, trust me it will take up a lot of your time. It will be time worth spending on this artistic masterpiece of a game.

You have the whole artillery of web gadgets to use at your leisure with each gadget useful for specific situations. Situations that require stealth attacks and crowd control whatever you need is provided. I love the concussive blasts, be sure to upgrade that to max (yes you can even upgrade the gadgets, isn’t that sick?)

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4

Last Thoughts: Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4

You legitimately feel like you become Spider-Man when you play the game. At one point in time, the controller disappears from your field of view and you naturally do all the things necessary in the game. The music in the game is also epic, it makes you feel like you are in a movie. I remember when I was playing the game my friends had to physically nudge me to talk to me. It was a funny yet important moment where I realized this was my new number one game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 is now available at bargain prices so grab it while you can because this game is worth every penny. The discounted price is a surprise as well because owing to the game’s success, it was sure to be a fixed price. Games like these come once in a lifetime and should be played as soon as possible.