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Games have been a stepping stone to greater things in life. Ever since Atari, the gaming industry has tried to make the gaming experience something grand. In hindsight of normal games such as COD, AC, PUBG, etc. one genre is on a whole other level. That genre is simulators. From cars to airplanes and even naval vessels, simulators are for those who want to learn while immersed. The benefits of simulators are of many, the main one being that it becomes a learning experience. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now the best game/simulator money can buy. In this article, we will look at the key aspects of Microsoft Flight Simulator and what makes it so good.

Microsoft Flight Simulator at a Glance

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Microsoft Flight Simulator that was launched 37 years ago pales in comparison to its 2020 counterpart. Beginning right from the cockpit of the airplanes right down to “how to fly” sections of the simulator. The evolution of it is something that has been happening for decades. The 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is something to be astounded by and sure to shock you.

Buying the game means buying the experience as it includes multiple other devices. These devices are necessary when you learn how to fly. It includes the main flight controls as extras such as the steering gear, speed adjuster, etc. Once you have all the necessary tools in place you may begin your flight. Once it starts, you must be committed to seeing it through, in order for it to be a meaningful experience. We guarantee that you will have an experience unlike any other.

Comparisons To Close Alternatives

12-year-old simulators from way back when nothing was comparable tried to be realistic. GTA 5 airplanes and GTA 5 Jets have come close to projecting the real thing. But this 2020 version of the simulator vastly outshines all of the aerial vehicles in the entire game. Just the airplane takeoff and landing cockpit view in the game is enough to fool people. An actual pilot played the game and posted a picture of the airplane takeoff. The landing cockpit view made people believe it on his Instagram. When you learn how to fly, it just becomes an alluring experience.

Flight simulation games for PS4 are better than Microsoft flight simulator 2002 and Microsoft flight simulator 2004. Xbox 360 flight simulator was a flop though as it had laggy controls. The airplanes like the ones in the simulator make it a lot of fun as they have a modest hangar. The flight simulator controls for pc are the best in terms of latency and response time. It’s very close to the real thing even the pilots agree that this can fool anyone anytime.

Pricing and Other Details of Microsoft Flight Simulator

The standard edition of the game is available for $59.99. For this version, you get 20 aircraft to fly at your leisure. The deluxe version costs $89.99, which is a small upgrade from the former version. It includes 25 aircraft, 5 more than the normal edition. The best of the best, cream of the crop, premium deluxe will set you back almost $120. The upgrade, whether it is worth the money is entirely dependent on different individuals’ perspectives.

If you want to have a taste of the game without spending too much, get the standard edition. Otherwise, if you can afford it, get the best version as it is a better deal. For a riveting experience, we recommend getting the accessories. That way you will have some real-life knowledge on how a pilot handles a plane.

An in-Depth Look Into the Details

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The graphics in this game are to die for, no game has come close to the level of detail contained in this game. Everything is enjoyable from flying in the sky just soaring over the clouds and beyond the horizon, even flying over an island. The flight simulator is a different kind of beast. The cockpit controls are very accurate along with the speed adjuster and steering gear. It is a pivotal point in the flight sim world. Aircraft details are also done meticulously to match those of real life.

Simulator games like “learn to fly” and “how to fly” seem to have developed their own niche. Games, where you can fly real-life avionics, is almost like a fantasy. Problems with the PlayStation 4 flight simulator and Xbox 360 flight simulator include more complex controls. The king of these is the Microsoft flight simulator. X controls in the full keymap make it a more exhilarating affair. If it was available on a portable device, it would be one of the best games to play on a plane. Sadly, the best games to play on a plane are those on your phone!

Final Verdict

In the world of simulators, this one takes the cake. From the graphics to the actual gameplay, Microsoft has spared no expense in these instances. It is very unusual as well because they are a giant but they do not specialize in games. Their previous iterations of the game were not improved this substantially. Before this 2020 version, no one ever expected them to pull a move like this. They have absolutely blown it out of the water with this new version of the game. There is a first time for everything and their first attempt at making some waves has proven to be fruitful.

Games that are played to enjoy time is all well and good, however, when the game teaches you a real skill, the goal is surreal. Humanity has come very far in terms of games bringing a different kind of joy to gamers, happiness does not seem so distant a goal anymore.