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If one looks at the recent trends in mobile games, the industry is all set to cross $100 billion by 2021. It is indeed baffling to understand as to how the relatively young industry grew so fast. In fact, mobile gamers demographics occupied more than 50% of the global gaming market share.

Smartphones top the list when it comes to daily screen time, and mobile gamers spend about 6.5 hours a week on average on their mobile devices. The majority of them like to play their favorite games daily and enjoy casual gaming that tends to become addictive. Certain games attract more players, as they are immersive and involve basic gameplay with less intensive levels. And mobile devices carry a definite advantage, as one can carry them anywhere and enjoy a quick game whenever they can. With more than 2 billion people busy playing games on their mobile phones, marketers cannot ignore the golden opportunity of in-app advertising.

Various surveys show that mobile gamers from all walks of life download and enjoy the games. These gamers come from both rural and urban or rich and poor backgrounds. While games like Candy Crush or Quell remain popular with adults, children prefer games, such as Fortnite and Pokémon Go among several others.

The personas of modern mobile gamers


With the mobile gaming industry riding on a high wave, it is also evolving and changing at the same time. Asia is seen as a leader in the mobile games market, having generated a revenue of $41.5 billion in the year 2018. After China, the US is the second-largest gaming market. The latest games are attracting broader audiences and reaching out to new consumers. There is a consistent daily usage pattern seen among the gamers. Gaming has fast become one of the most common activities on mobiles after texting. The mobile gaming penetration is expected to grow with time. Some of the facts observed are:

  • The most popular mobile games are role-playing, strategy, and puzzle games.
  • Players prefer multiple IPs plus a range of gaming apps and desire mobile games on social media platforms.
  • A large percentage of mobile gamers comprise of educated females who belong to the densely populated areas in urban regions of the US.
  • The average gaming sessions are longer for women gamers.
  • The average age of female gamers is 36 years and for male gamers, it is 32 years.
  • Parents are found to play more mobile games than their children.

High-income mobile gamers are divided between men vs women and the urban vs suburban areas. Most of them hold a senior position and are highly educated. The gamers take a keen interest in video ads that connect with gameplay. They tend to pay more attention to advertisements related to a mobile game.

Some of the most popular mobile games that have stayed in fashion include top games like PUBG along with Fortnite, Clash Royale, Pokemon GO, Minecraft, PUBG, and Clash of Clans.

Statistics and Trends


Today, the mobile gaming industry is indeed growing at a phenomenal rate. Statistics and trends predict the mobile gaming market to cross one sixty billion in 2020. The latest upcoming trends include Cloud Gaming, Cross-Platform Play, Augmented Reality Gaming, Blockchain-based games, Competitive multiplayer mobile games, and more of those Hyper Casual Games. Puzzle games would top the list, followed by Arcade, Action, Racing, Strategy, Adventure, Card, Board, and Simulation games. The United States, with more than 200 million players, rank highest in terms of revenue generated by mobile games. In fact, mobile gaming in the US is all set to cross 60% of market penetration. Some of the top mobile gaming companies include famous names like King, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, and some more. Samsung Galaxy Fold is planning to join the bandwagon and introduce new, exciting gaming opportunities.

Men vs women


The female mobile gamers outnumber their male counterparts as they would rather prefer a mobile game. The men, on the other hand, still prefer to play games on online platforms and consoles. Match-3 games are a huge favorite among the female audience, and some of the popular ones include Angry Birds Match, Candy Crush Saga, and Jelly Splash. As for the younger boys and girls, it is seen that boys prefer strategic and fighting games, while the girls love creative games and puzzles. The female audience is rapidly growing, and trends show that the gaming time is growing among them, and they play more frequently than men. As the average gaming session for women is 25% longer than men, they beat the males at all times. Data shows that while men tend to stick to just one or two games, women prefer to explore a greater variety of games.

Youth vs seniors


Contrary to the common conceptions, it is not the youngsters who are the biggest fans of mobile games. Interestingly, it is the parents who play more games than their children and spend more time on mobile gaming. While people older than 45 years represent almost one-third of mobile gamers, the 16-24 age group makes just about 14%. So, you can expect the middle-aged parents to play more games than their teenage children.

With the above trends seen in mobile games demographics, you can also expect middle-aged moms to be more avid gamers as compared to their teenage children. Hence, it is not the youngsters who are the most prominent mobile gaming consumers, but rather their parents.

Is gaming good for us?


Mobile gaming is a great way to spend some quiet enjoyable time on your own and shoot off the stress. Despite the negativity that surrounds it, gaming is actually good for us and has influenced society in different positive ways. One becomes more competitive and better at solving problems, thanks to the enhanced critical thinking one develops when playing mobile games. Moreover, mobile games are preferred, as many of these games are free and easy to download and play. There is no doubt that gaming apps are the most popular apps, and there is a huge range to pick from. And with the phones getting more powerful and cheaper, mobile gaming popularity will continue to grow. What makes those gaming apps the most popular mobile games is that they offer a great variety to choose from and are a perfect pastime. These games are affordable, relaxing, and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. And with mobile gaming getting cheaper and more powerful than ever, the above trends are likely to continue.

The kind of devices and the options available to the customers indeed develop fast-changing gaming behaviours and introduce new market trends. As a result, what one finds is a change in mobile gamers demographics. The gaming developers and the industry need to follow and understand the changing demographics of the gamers, so as to develop the right gaming products and market them successfully.