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Understanding the different stats in regards to developing your mobile games strategy is crucial. The stats section for something like an RPG is much more expansive. Upgrading different stats will benefit different skills or traits a given character may have.

How are RPG stats divided?

Generally, RPG stats are divided into two types: Skill Stats, and Personal Attributes. Here we discuss personal attributes such as Attack, Health, Damage, Defense, and the effect known as Debuff. While they sound simple by name, there is far more to each personal stat.

We’ll go through each one and delve into exactly what they are.

Types of Offensive RPG Stats

Attack – at its base, this is the rating given to how much health a move or ability can take away. This can come in many forms. RPGs such as mobile games for androids often classify certain things by “attack type.” For example, an archer’s “enchanted arrow” ability may have a physical attack rating as well as a magic attack rating.

Consider also the Templar class of RPG character. Some Templars are able to call down swords from the sky. While this is a magic-based attack, if the swords land directly on enemies, the projection of weapons may have a physical attack rating.

Weapons themselves can also have an attack rating. When a character is equipped with their preferred choice of weapon, it will enhance the attack rating they already have improving your overall mobile games strategy if you are on Android or iOS.

Damage – this is the name given to usually anything that harms a character’s health. There are multiple types such as Normal Damage (typically any attack that is meant to stun or injure), Stun Damage (this may cause effects such a complete knock out or a temporary inability to attack or perform an action), Aggravated Damage (usually instant death or high criticals).

Individual items are also capable of possessing a “damage rating.” Depending on its effect, an item can deal a single type of damage or multiple types at once. Games like the Elder Scrolls series allows players to enchant their armor, sometimes increasing damage output.

Types of Defensive RPG Stats

Health – health is the amount of HP or “health points” your character has before being knocked out or killed. Depending on the game, this attribute can be enhanced with enchanted armor, a special item, or a one-time use spell.

Some characters may have a “naturally higher” health pool because of their race. Enemies with a deep health pool are never good. But exploiting their main weakness will make short work of it, delivering an easy victory.

Health can be enhanced in a number of ways. Oftentimes, it is with special “health boost” items. On occasion, players will be able to equip their avatars with certain jewelry or armor sets. With the right combination, someone might be able to double or even triple their HP pool.

Defense – this is a term given to overall resistance to damage. But more importantly, it reduces Physical Damage, may reduce incoming Magic Damage. In a couple of RPG games online, high defense is often a requirement for certain armor sets.

Despite a character having a high defense, an attack with a high critical percentage can make short work of it. In my experience with RPGs, a high defense will often come at the cost of a few attack points.

Debuff – to explain this term we first have to explain “buff.” This is a classification of abilities that enhances character traits or skills in some way.

For spell or skill that enhances something about a character, there is a category known as “debuff.” These abilities are the antithesis of anything falling into the “buff” category. Any time your character is hit with a “debuff,” it can potentially remove all enhancements at once.

Here are a few examples of Debuff skills that can help your mobile games strategy:

  • Blind – this blocks a character’s ability to deal with physical damage and possibly cast a spell on their target
  • Confuse – The character will be unable to gain any buff. They will also have a chance to damage themselves or people on their team
  • Silence – this will inhibit any character’s ability to cast a remotely magic ability or spell. The only way to remove this debuff is with an item known as “echo.”
  • Fear – this is seen in many RPG games online and will sometimes be called “terror.” This ability severely lowers a target’s defense and attack ratings. With both attributes severely lowered, there is an increased chance for critical hits.
  • Death – as the name suggests, this debuff removes life from a target character. Though it does not always strike, when successful, the target will die instantaneously. In the game Final Fantasy VII, this concept was tweaked a bit. An enemy would cast the death spell, and the target would gain a “death clock” indicating how many turns before they died.
  • Slow – the opposite of the “Haste” spell. It will hinder a character’s ability to take a turn during a fight. In some titles, it may slow a character to half the speed of their enemy. Like the other abilities, the effects of the skill’s previous levels will sometimes stack.
  • Petrify – this ability turns a character to stone. It prevents the target from attacking, casting spells, and moving in any form.

Why is This Info Important for mobile games strategy?


It is important to know all you can about your character’s personal attributes. This will allow you to tailor your armor, weapons, and fighting style to your liking. If you are mindful of what items enhance what skills, you should have no problem slaughtering your way through waves of enemies.

RPGs are like sports: they’re a lot more fun when you understand them.

If you are a hardcore fan of RPG games online like I am, you know the importance of understanding the ins and outs of stats and their effects. Don’t hesitate to ask other players that are willing to help.

I’ve met seasoned players who’ve had no problem helping myself and others who asked.

A proper study of the math behind personal attributes will help a player immensely improve their mobile games strategy. There’s no need to take a special class either. There are numerous websites that offer insight into the numbers.