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Today, we rely on our smartphones to do almost anything like flight bookings, shopping and finding information. It has become a very useful tool in our daily lives and gradually it has emerged as a gaming platform. The mobile gaming category is cheaper and faster to develop, and thus appeals to a wider range of gamers. In the coming years, one expects mobile gaming to attract even more audiences and increase in volume.

If the current mobile gaming trends continue, it is sure to grow in leaps and bounds in 2020 and the years that follow. Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing source of income in the gaming industry. The massive growth is attributed to the rising number of smartphone users, as well as the 4G/5G internet connectivity. Technological advancements, such as augmented and virtual reality have improved gaming experience for mobile gamers. Needless to say, the on-going phenomenal growth of mobile gaming will show no slowing down in the coming years.

Technological advancements, such as augmented and virtual reality have improved gaming experience for mobile gamers.  Advanced sensor technology and augmented virtual reality have indeed led to an improved gaming experience for the users. The current mobile gaming trends focus on real-time data and realistic visuals. Needless to say, the on-going phenomenal growth of mobile gaming will show no slowing down in the coming years.


Based on the top-level observations, the mobile gaming industry will continue to produce more and more revenue. Here are some of the mobile gaming trends in 2020 to watch out for:

Smaller screen but more prominent franchises

Control innovations like simplified concepts, such as auto-shooting and less cluttered interface allowing higher precision when moving, aiming, and shooting. The aim is to replicate a console experience on mobile phones with satisfying gameplay mechanics.

Secondary screen for gaming

Gaming giants like Nintendo and Sony are in the phase to develop secondary gadgets for gaming intended to enhance the gaming experience by adding another device.  The second screen gaming has had a long history, but the potential will now reach a much higher level, and they will continue to play a sizable role in the future of gaming.

Optimized phone gaming

The latest trend to come up in the future is optimized phone gaming with high specs and special modes in specialized handsets with more features for the best gaming experience. The sure recipe for success in the world of gaming would be to make new titles that are customized for the regional tastes of the audience and are platform-savvy.

 Cloud gaming

Another upcoming trend would be the growing significance of cloud computing technology that will allow one to play games from any gadget. There are ambitious plans already underway to stream games on mobile devices via the Chrome browser. Sony and Microsoft already have big plans to jump into cloud-based gaming and stream Xbox games to phones and tablets.

The wearable games

With this technology, the gaming companies are trying to offer the very best experience for gamers from all across the world. Wearable technology is already into fitness applications, and now it is making its way into the entertainment arena. Well, wearables can be extensions of the gaming consoles, too, as you know. This is another one of the rising mobile gaming trends.

The AR and VR

The new technology of AR and VR is certainly a multi-billion industry that adds to the superpower of gaming with unique added features. The combination of virtual reality with real-life props can indeed create hyper-realistic experiences for gamers. The game developers are going to utilize virtual reality that will change the landscape of gaming.

Stand out in the crowded market

The newer games would carry the tried-and-true genre’s formula of a real-time platform that requires more thoughtfulness so that they are a cut above the rest in the market. The resulting game should carry a unique combination that needs more thoughtfulness to proceed.

The cross-platform technology

Cross-platform technology is all set to bring newer tools to satisfy the gaming needs of millions of gamers across the world. There are new levels of features expected in the sophisticated apps due to cross-platform technology.

Established franchises

The new genres of mobile gaming will get globally popular and show up in the gaming world with the help of these franchises.  The current strategy is to develop gameplay mechanics and build themes that match the globally popular IP.

5G mobile gaming

The potential of 5G technology could raise the whole experience of mobile gaming devices, with much faster internet speeds and lower latency levels. The games would be downloaded at lightning speed, and 5G technology would mean a much more dynamic gaming experience. Get ready for more mesmerizing gameplay on mobiles but with console-level quality.

High-Definition displays with amazing graphics

Cutting edge advancements with 4K capabilities will now allow gamers to experience with photo-realistic textures in fully rendered worlds. The higher image quality of graphics with supreme colors and crispness on high definition displays are sure to carry the gaming experience on a whole new level.

Final thoughts about mobile gaming trends

mobile game trends

Needless to say, the future of mobile gaming is all set to meet the needs of users and their imagination. The latest trends in Mobile gaming are sure to meet the gigantic challenges of the gaming industry. Gaming experts and marketers would follow the latest promotion methods for mobile games like promotional videos, cross-promotions, video ads, app store optimization, KPI-based mobile ads, video ads, and more. Looking at the current mobile gaming trends, the most explosive growth is yet to come in the years ahead. The unique features and advancing technologies are sure to astonish you in 2020. So, keep gaming and enjoy it.