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Quite a risk, stating this sentence but without research, no man would get the confidence to speak. Gathered information from game manufacturers, shows battle royale games are most downloaded on android. Battle royale games online have been released for a long time. But they lacked players who liked battle royale type scenario gameplay. The graphics pioneered by originators weren’t that developed. Today, we are in the year 2021. The year of disaster in the economy, but the year for the game manufacturers. With people staying in their homes, games have been replaced for playing outside. The question remains, can mobile game developers persuade players to stick to mobile phone gaming?

battle royale games

First Battle Royale Game

The first battle royale game was released on PC in 2017. Yes, it’s the legendary game named ‘’Fortnite.’’ Even after receiving a lot of hate after release, Epic games pioneers at battle royale games. During the start, nobody appreciated this mode. Mostly because they were puzzled. But slowly it started to grow on people. Been talking about history a lot. Getting a bit boring? Battle royale mode consisted of 100 or fewer players launching in a map. Then a storm would slowly start to shrink. Players would have to collect guns, ammo, medkits, etc, and kill other players. The last standing player would win the match.

Android Battle Royale Games Online

There are several battle royale games on mobile phones. Even Fortnite released their IOS version on iPhones. Here are some top battle royale games on android:

  1. PUBG
  2. Garena Free Fire 
  3. Call of Duty Mobile
  4. Hopeless Land: Flight For Survival
  5. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

These games are completely free on Playstore. By rating, we have plotted them in a list. There are many underrated games that deserve more players. PUBG is the most popular among battle royale games. But there are many games that have the potential to rise as well. Because of financial backing, they aren’t able to rise. The high level of advertising and marketing of PUBG resists other games to rise. Garena Free Fire is a game that is different from the rest. This game is very underrated in regards to its great gameplay.

Fans often want new features and new gameplays. The features old battle royale game lacks, new game makers, snatches that gap. Doing this, helps them win the battle royale game market, lead and hold the throne. The games mentioned above all are different from each other. There’s just one similarity. They are battle royale games and also the mobile platform part of course. But these games have tried their best to stay distinct. Even though you cant differentiate two battle royale games that much. These games have picked every small missing feature to make themselves unique. As you can tell they have succeeded. 

Can Free Fire Online Be The Next Big Thing?

battle royale games

The game makers of Free Fire have focused mostly on creating something different. A completely new type of battle royale, with a new twist and gaming modes. Free Fire provides players with an exciting battle royale with 70 players. The storms start to shrink and the last player standing wins. They have also trios and duos to team up with your friends. They keep updating to not allow any bug in their game. New maps are released every season. Talking from a business perspective, it’s a robust way to keep players loyal.

It also entertains the players and creates excitement before every season announcement. Free Fire is one of the most famous android battle royale games, chasing PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Garena Free Fire also provides plenty of characters to choose from. In Google Play’s yearly list of “Best Apps of the Year”, Free Fire got the first position in the “Best Popular Voted Game” grouping of 2019. Free Fire was the 4th most downloaded game on Google Play Store in 2018 and was the fourth most downloaded game in 2018 on iOS and the Google Play Store.

Free Fire is a game living up to the market potential. There are still new games coming. We can’t be sure when games get overtaken by another game in town!

Why Android Battle Royale Games Get More Downloads?

All this hard work inserting good graphics and gameplay, just to see mobile games win? That is unfair! You can’t argue that mobile phones are cheaper than a gaming pc. Every person with hidden gaming passion can’t afford expensive pc or console setups. So they demand a gaming experience in the cheapest way possible. Mobile game manufacturers saw that space in the market. They snatched the opportunity not allowing other game makers to enter the mobile game market. The mobile brands took the ladder and started making gaming phones.

There is a wide range of mobile phones, from low to high budget. Asus, the renowned brand, launched gaming phones a few years back. The Asus ROG phone series is currently one of the best gaming phones. More Chinese brands are launching robust gaming phones. The fun part is, people, get choices varying from their overall budget. Some Chinese ones help players to experience the game at a lower price. Brands like Asus, Nubia, Razer provide the players the highest configuration gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts

battle royale games

There’s a reason why these gaming phones cost a lot. These gaming phones are supported by Android as the operating system. Such gaming phones seemed to entice people to stick to mobiles and not shift to other gaming platforms. With the vigorous movement of mobile gaming reaching its peak, users are taking a lot of factors into consideration. Battle royale games are highly trending especially during this time of the pandemic. People want a gaming-friendly mobile phone to be able to play battle royal games and enjoy their stay at home during the quarantine.