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Music is able to make an object have a soul with the emotions it drives, and if the object is a Mobile Game, the value is a phenomenon. Either consciously or subconsciously, music in gaming is known to influence the perception of a situation in a game. Feelings that music might invoke in mobile games include passion, excitement, unlimited joy, dreams, and mystery.

Can you forget the iconic tune that accompanied Super Mario Bros? The soundtracks were crucial elements of the game. Just by hearing the tune, mom would just know I’m playing the Super Mario when I was a kid. Other games that had impressive tracks in history are Tetris and Street Fighter II.

Even with the rapid advancements in tech that accompany mobile games, soundtracks have remained a crucial entity in the storytelling process.

Why is Music Important?

Effortlessly, music for games usually displays a lot of feelings and expressions. In other words, it can control the emotion and establish the prevalent tone of the underlying story in a game. Just the way fans see music as a foundation for setting the scene in a film, the soundtrack also plays the same role within the video game industry. Interestingly, video games provide you a much more immersive experience than even a film. The reason being, you will control the actions a character takes rather than just watching the happenings.


A sad piano jingle can suggest that player is off the track or High pitching drums announce the attainment of a valiant victory. Hard pumping sounds that entail a terrifying eeriness adds more zest to games makes the blood pump with excitement. Players are allowed to feel how happenings of reality are simulated as music rightly displays the game play’s salient features.

Paying Attention To Details

A music piece can also aptly describe various events in the game; for instance, trucks blasting away, squawking of birds, screeching of vehicles, bikes zooming away on the roads, flicking, and shuffling of cards, etc.

Why-is-Music-Important-1So, when incorporating a certain soundtrack in a game, a video game developer should make sure it creates an atmosphere that a player will find captivating. With music for games, attributes of different creatures can be made to come alive. For instance, the popular Angry Birds, squawks, and whooshes display a unique identity about each bird that is in the game. When winning against evil pigs, the cheer of the birds will bring stunning satisfaction.

Mobile games are usually played as a pass time in public places where loud music would be disturbing to the people around them. In such an environment, most gamers would prefer using earpieces to listen and enjoy the music coming from the game.

Top Classical memorable mobile games music

I. Super Mario Kart – Theme Song

Super Mario Brothers theme is considered the top most popular video game theme songs. The theme song’s fame emanates from the fact that the entire soundtrack— as a crucial work of art —has been heard the most in the gaming arena. As the song plays, Mario, full of energy, continues to run and run…and run!” If you have ever played the game, you understand how the Mario Bros tune accompanies you as you dodge treacherous castle traps and smash bricks. Nintendo made sure that you hear an original video game theme song that has lyrics as you punch the turtle riding the cloud and emerged out of the depth of haunted regions in some stages.


With the release of this game, Nintendo guaranteed players the music that they listed is built well. Folks enjoy listening to the Japanese soundtrack that Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo developed — not because of its words, instead, the melodies and harmony matched in different stages of the game.

II. Donkey Kong Country – Theme

Super Mario Bros. 3 got the credit of introducing the map concept that contains stages as one progresses — what might be referred to as secret zones — but other games also brought their contributions. One of them is Donkey Kong Country, which starts in a wonderful area and allows the player to walk backwards to the left in search of the initial treasure. While you may not get the most resilient theme in video game history when it comes to the looping stage theme, it does the enormous task of directing a player to the goal of the game.

Donkey Kong Country

Wh player is left to focus on the challenge beforehand in the game peacefully by the introduction theme song’s simplicity. When listening to the tune, the player is agitated to climb, climb some more, and continue climbing! In addition to the simplicity, the repetitious beats gloss over the player very well. Repetition is not limited to the very gameplay but also exhibited in the music.


Whether you are participating in a game on PC, console, or an internet flash game, you will still enjoy this masterpiece. Arguably, this game is believed to have spawned an entirely new genre.

III. Final Fantasy 8 – The Prelude

If you are a final fantasy aficionado, you probably know the tune very well, as it is the one that attracts RPG fans to listen to music. For that reason, it has been produced countless times across other music, movies, and video release. You might consider it as an arpeggio. And if you just listen to it carefully, you will know that it is the ultimate arpeggio!


Final Fantasy prelude also forms the list of the best superheroes themed video games. Back in the days, one of my younger buddies would go hilariously triumphant the moment he had the beat of the game as the song starts playing. As a true arcade, it is an intro sequence and the intro theme song!

Fans often call this piece of music — that Nobuo Uematsu composed — as the ‘crystal’ theme due to its pretty popular musical piece tutorial.

IV. Sonic Hedgehog Themes

Another most popular classic video game theme songs that most of us have heard is the sonic hedgehog theme. The tune — also referred to as the green hill zone theme — still remains one of the most popular video game themes in the world. If you are not familiar with the sonic hedgehog, you are most probably not from this planet.


The video game had a nostalgic effect on most of us, as we heard the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtrack which was squeezed onto a hard-drive, CD or cartridge. I’m not aware if it also had some space in your heart, but what I can attest to is that it has been one of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time.

Despite having plenty of nice things going around, The Sega Mega Drive (the game developer) is not a system known for top-quality sound. Sega can’t quite match the level of its rival the SNES, which has produced scores of realistic symphonic titles such as Final Fantasy VI.

V. Tetris Effect

As music was added to the visuals, Tetris became one of the best mobile games ever to be created. Developers seemingly took adequate time to combine Tetris with an amazing soundtrack so as to come up with perfect results. The experience is usually amazing since no two boards appear the same, and the beats keep reacting to every piece of placement.


Frankly enough, listening to the music from the game when you are in a room, car, or perhaps a subway gives a great feeling. As the lights flash and whirls around, guitars roar out at deafening pitches while the bass drum makes you feel a thump in your chest.

When the visuals and the music wash over you, you will not be merely playing Tetris, but you will be consumed or perhaps subsumed by it. The journey across the 27 levels with 27 different mood pieces is meticulously themed.

VI. Angry Bird Themes – Rovio

Angry bird’s theme song is outstanding to hear. Besides being one of the most popular video game theme songs, it can be categorized as one of the best game theme songs.


The Angry Birds album entails top singers like rap-metal band Limp Bizkit, DJ Steve Aoki, and country music star Blake Shelton. In addition to being pretty cohesive, the album contains each major genre of music that seems conceivable.

The soundtrack is filled with feel-good classical vibes that are punchy, purposeful flavors. Basically, it looks like the soundtrack is motivating Angry Birds to pump up and crazily fling themselves at the evil green pigs.

Final thoughts about music in gaming

Music can either make a player stick to the game’s script, or leave the individual playing to stare at the mobile phone- more so when there is a momentous cut scene. Therefore, the right kind of music dictates the kind of emotion a player needs to feel.

Poor audio will definitely ruin the tempo of the mobile game being played. But, the overall productivity of the game will be enriched where there is an original soundtrack. For that reason, many developers like to incorporate high energy soundtrack to raise the game fun quotient and make the gaming experience more fabulous and memorable — not just being noisy.