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The game is largely story-driven, with you starting off as a female fleeing through a doorway gameplay where you travel in a straight path – battle some items – and watch some cut sequences. Those who despise FF13 may despise this NieR Reincarnation Review, but if that kind of gameplay appeals to you, continue reading. As you go, you will access the memory of many individuals from the reincarnation world.

In this NieR Reincarnation Review, you will discover about the characters that each have their own tragic, gloomy, and heartbreaking stories that fit perfectly into the larger Nier world. Honestly, my favorite was one that was extremely identical to Nier Automata and had a lot of cloned people that were compelled to act out on order, and those that acquired an unique identity were discarded as having a “fault.”

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NieR Reincarnation Review: Gameplay

When you complete the main plot, you will get equipment, minions that battle with you, and a slew of new tools to assist you do daily tasks in the game. There is now a Nier:Automata cooperation running as an opening offer till the end of March.

The Nier Gacha is, of course, featured. The 4 star uncommon rate is roughly 2%, but if you’re unlucky like me, it’s more like .003%. I got 2B and A2 twice, as well as one of the four-star Reincarnation characters, but it took me around 200 rolls to ultimately get a four-star 9S.

I grinded through the collab quest fights till I earned the 3 star 9S, that I improved three times to be on the same level as the 4 stars – however it’s a reality that 4 star cards will ALWAYS have superior stats. When I eventually got my hands on a 4 star 9S, I advanced him to the same level as the 3 star one, and there was around a 50k HP difference between the two. It’s unfortunate, but these kind of games will always incentivize buy to win. THAT BEING SAID, I’m not sure whether the game is liberal or if it’s simply because it’s the starting, but they’ve given out an unbelievable number of gems to risk with.

NieR Reincarnation Review

Tips To Get You Started

A lot of Japanese players have been conducting what’s known as a “reset marathon.” You simply get to a certain point in the tutorial, toss your free gacha coins that you receive for signing in, and then pray your luck. I ended up conducting a reset marathon four times before getting 2B and deciding to continue with that username. As I completed the MSQ, the game threw so many gems at me that I was able to roll 200 times in the gacha for free to start with. Overall, if you complete the reset marathon, do it just until you obtain at least one of the collaborative characters or you’ll go insane, since going slowly through the tunnel lesson may be extremely frustrating after a long. I have 6000 gems left over after obtaining 9S. However, I’m saving them for the clearly unavoidable Nier:Replicant collab that will undoubtedly occur once that game is out in April.

NieR Reincarnation Review

NieR Reincarnation Review: Diving Deep

The Nier Automata cooperation also had its own tale, which was essentially 9S’s love for 2B, and no one can tell me differently. Anyway in this NieR Re[in]carnation Review, you will know about three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Very Hard, with the ultimate Very Hard mode earning the most awards, so that’s the one you want to harvest. That being said, it’s VERY HARD, thus it took me a long to level up my characters and improve my weapons in order to cultivate this. I strongly advise upgrading weapons, characters, and completing the MSQ so you may employ minions and, particularly, memories to strengthen your group. I believe that memories are the most important aspect of the celebration. Therefore, make sure you have a fantastic set for your team. The game is also fairly property driven in the sense that it is much simpler to clear things if you utilize weapons/minions with the strongest property against the adversary. Because all of the Nier Automata adversaries are predicated on darkness, you must use a Light property set of weaponry. If you’re not sure which one to choose, it’s always a good idea to click おすすめ and then click the attribute icon of the one you want.

NieR Reincarnation Review: System Upgrade

So you want to level up your heroes so you don’t get booted in side quests? Character, weaponry, henchman, and memories may all be upgraded. You’ll need particular goods for each advancement. You earn chara upgrade equipment by completing major quests on standard and high difficulty levels. You may also get them via the token swap store or the tale gacha. The best method to enhance your weapons is to complete the timed daily objectives (Called Guerilla missions). They occur four times every day for 30 minutes, and you get a boatload of weapon upgrade parts. This is the most effective method for improving weaponry. To improve your weapon capabilities, I suggest completing the normal daily tasks, which vary on a daily basis and reward you with different weapon pieces.  Money and pieces obtained via gacha or the token exchange store are all that is required for minion and memory improvements. You will quickly run out of money modifying minions and memories. Thus, the easiest way to get that money back is to either accomplish additional tasks or sell your crappy 2 star weapons from the daily or premium gacha. You might think of selling your items. I don’t advocate selling anything other than lousy weapons since you’ll probably utilize everything else.

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Final Thoughts

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to use the Japanese version for a time, you must register a Japanese Square Enix profile since there is no other means to save your data than SE Bridge, and English accounts will not function. A worldwide version is in the process, and they want to launch it in English, but I’ve come very far (and obtained all of my nier collab charas), so I’m not sure if I’ll bother with the international version anymore, but we’ll see. I believe that Japanese servers of mobile games are MUCH more kind than NA servers (for example, Japanese server mobage constantly gives you free stuff as a “apology” when they have to pull the game down for maintenance. I haven’t seen other top anticipating games doing that. To download it, Android users will require the Qoo App, while iPhone/iPad users will require a Japanese iTunes account.