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Pokémon Go is an AR (augmented reality) versatile game created and discharged in the year 2016 by Niantic in a joint effort with Nintendo and The Pokémon organization. This is accessible in the two most popular mobile operating system, IOS, and Android. It uses mobile GPS to locate the player and then locate the Pokémon for the player to capture. They then battle and train these Pokémon and duel with other trainers and fight gyms in the area. The game is free to play and available in all regions. It initially launched with 150 different Pokémon species which broadened over time and now, in 2020, with around 600 of its kind.

Why Is Pokémon Go Sensational Since Release? 

A major reason why the game was so widely hyped on and downloaded was because of the huge fan base of the 90s. Most of us were extremely looking forward to playing it since its release. From 1996, we have been experiencing the Pokémon world through our gaming screens. Watching the series and playing the game made us feel like we are part of the Pokémon world. We felt connected to the Pokémon world and the creatures’ different nature & characteristics.

When the trailer released in 2016, we were, in one word, overjoyed. Finally, there was a promise of experiencing the Pokémon world in real life. The game was created in such a way that we had to travel from one place to another to find Pokémon, gyms, and location to capture legendary & rare ones. Just like Ash and the others in their journey through the different regions. It became more interesting when the different regions were released after every few months. Giving us the thrill & excitement of traveling and interacting with the new Pokémon available.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go: The Good The Bad

With the huge number of downloads, nearing to 500 million by the year-end of 2016, there were a huge number of critics regarding the game. It was hugely praised for its AR technology which promoted the physical activity of people. This not only benefited the local businesses due to the increase of foot traffic but also the people themselves with their health. We do not know if the company had intended this but it was measured that people were moving 26 percent more than usual.

However, this also meant a wide number of people glued into their phone screens while traveling in public. This caused a wide number of people contributing to accidents and trespassing private properties. These nuisances made the public and parental figures very displeased with the game’s nature.

It can be easily said though, that this was a great experience, most used and one of the most profitable games of 2016. It had over a billion downloads globally and nearly 150 million monthly active members.

Technical Issues of Pokémon Go 

Since the initial release of Pokémon Go, there have been lots of technical issues causing the game to crash constantly. Whenever you would try to capture a rare, shiny, or legendary Pokémon the game would show the message of technical issue. One of the most noticeable factors of this game is its huge battery draining issue. Without a power bank, the game can be very hectic to play as your phone might just die when encountering something interesting after a while.

It should be taken into consideration that there were several cases of people playing the game using a VPN. This was mainly done in the first few months when it was not released in every country yet. This made the game a bit messy as servers kept crashing due to over-usage. Players had problems logging into the game with their Pokémon Trainer Club accounts.

Pokémon Go

Trailer vs Gameplay

Indeed, the trailer and gameplay do not match. The trailer shows us that we will be able to catch Pokémon in the outside environment with virtual Poké balls. In reality, we throw them from our screen to a Pokémon that is also inside our screen. However, this was more or less expected. We cannot expect Pokémon to be suddenly virtually there without VR lenses.

Another problem that was faced was the intensely shallow game tutorial. After creating the avatar we are shown how to capture the Pokémon with our Poké balls and that was all.

It is not like most Pokémon games that have more or less the same play style. This was completely new and yet it expected us to get a grasp of what was going on. There was a lot of confusion regarding certain items in the inventory. Such as stardust and candies. It doesn’t explain why each Pokémon have their own set of candies to power up instead of battling other Pokémon to gain experience and level up.

Pokémon Go: The Tricky Part

Another tricky thing that was unexplained was the rings shown after throwing a Poké ball. The rings that appeared under the Pokémon were assumed to be the good or bad timing of throwing the Poké ball. Later, it was understood that the green and yellow color represented the difficulty in catching that certain Pokémon. Even though you get to understand the game as you play along, it can be pretty alienating when you start it initially.

A bit of disappointment does come when battling with the gyms or a legendary where you just have to frantically keep tapping your screen to win. It feels kind of unsatisfactory considering, there is no need for strategies or anything unlike in its other games.

A redeeming factor would be the location of the Pokémon and how the environment in the game and the player’s area changes accordingly. Certain Pokémon will spawn in certain areas, for example, water types are usually found near areas of water. Also, since the weather keeps changing correspondingly every hour of the day, the Pokémon change their locations. The ones you saw near your house in the morning might not be there at lunch.

Pokémon Go

The Overall Experience

Frankly speaking, it is well developed and a good game. However, it should be understood that it is more like another mobile game rather than another Pokémon game. Nonetheless, it is similarly enjoyable. It feels great to see the old and new generations coming together to play this game. Even though it kind of sucks to see everyone becoming a master without any strategies, it is at the same time very exciting to see another one of your kind roaming in the streets trying to capture another wild creature.

The interactions with the fellow players feel nostalgic and cozy which easily makes the experience worth it. It has widened the Pokémon community and having more people to enjoy it with is a plus. Overall, Pokémon Go is a great game and if you have never played it then you should give it a try. The gameplay might be a little less strategic and not like the other games, the experience is worthwhile.