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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the fifth main iteration of the line-up of GTA games that were made by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on the 17th of September 2013. It was resold by Epic Games and at one point given out for free. For those who claimed the free offer, it was a bargain deal and they saved a good chunk of money. Unfortunately as of today, it is no longer free and you have to buy it to play it. It is more than worth the money, as this game is as real as it gets in terms of being a successful criminal.

A Brief Look At Gameplay Modes in GTA V

GTA V has two game modes that players can take part in. The first one is the story mode where you can play as three protagonists who have their own arcs. The story mode is a very interesting prospect of the game because it is very rich. The characters are unique, well thought out, and are equally important in their own right. The graphics in this game is absolutely spectacular, once you get into it that is it you are gone. Sometimes night turned to day as I was playing the game, it blew my mind. Time flies when you have fun in GTA V.

It is mainly categorized as an action-adventure game but it is sub-categorized as RPG. Besides the missions, even in story mode, you can roam around in the open world. The online mode is the second way of enjoying GTA V, most players are playing this mode right now as it is offering bonuses. Epic games truly saved people from being stuck at home doing nothing. Because of their generosity players got a 10 million dollar bonus in their bank account in the game as well as getting the game for free in the first place.


Things Doable in GTA V Not Doable in Other Games

From the basic things that we can all do in real life such as walking, driving, eating, shopping, etc. Now the things you can do that you can’t do in real life are long enough to be a whole other article. Some of the main things you can do are using weapons, steal any vehicle from cars to aircraft even yachts. The game introduced a cover system that allows players to get less damage. The game has very realistic weapons and vehicles, most of the cars are very obvious but cleverly named differently because of copyright reasons.

You can literally kill whoever you want in this game, I know how it sounds but it’s true! In the story mode, you can use cheat codes to make it more interesting. Using cheat codes, however, bars you from earning any achievements. You must restart the game to make it go back to normal to earn achievements. You can have your own drug business, fake money business, own offices, casinos, go to clubs (yes even strip clubs) even a military-grade bunker. The problem is you have to play for a long while to get to the bigtime online compared to other MMO games. Certain upgrades and perks require specific player levels which is a little annoying.


Controversial Aspects of GTA V 

In a game that is encompassed around violence and a life of crime, players can be psychologically affected especially young teens. This is one of the main reasons the game is rated as M for mature. Players should be aged 17+ to play it. But as we all know, players that are under that age are playing the game as well. They should always remind themselves that this is a work of fiction. Real-world consequences can be astronomically worse if they try to lead the lifestyle they have in GTA V. In some countries, law enforcement even monitors the chat incognito to profile future criminals, but this is rumored not proven.

Another aspect of GTA V is you can get too absorbed into the game and not care about the real world. Many a gamer has fallen prey to the aforementioned issue with good reason, the game is just that good. If anyone has seen the movie “Ready Player One” they would end up like the people there if they had VR. If you do not trust yourself please do not get VR and play this game, looking at your pre-adults. Like all things in life, there must be a balance. Everything in moderation as some say. The violence and other aspects should be taken as is, which in other words means always remember it is just a game.

Final Verdict: Menace or Meaningful?

If taken at face value and for what it is in raw form, GTA V is a brilliant game. Whether you got it free or not it is definitely something worth spending money on. If I did not claim the free offer I would have bought it regardless of the price. A game where you can do whatever you want and whenever you want? It sounds like a godsend.

Speaking from personal experience I have found that the perfect balance is at max spending 3 hours per session. That way you can keep track of daily activities such as eating meals. It is a no brainer to say that you keep in touch with the real world as much as you can. No matter how rich or successful you become in a game it does not amount to anything in real life. It may sound harsh but that is just the reality of it.