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From the creators of BloodBorne and Dark Souls now appears the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In the game, you fight, kill, and take revenge for being a one-armed wolf. The storyline is you’ve been rescued from your death. You’ve become a target of your enemies and the wild Ashina clan, in the process of protecting a young lord who is the descendant of an ancient bloodline. Once the young lord is captured not even death can stop you to regain your honor. But the journey is full of danger and risk. 

Sekiro Gameplay:

Sekiro game is all about the fight. But, you cannot win the game just by hiding, dodging, or doing any trickery. To go forward in the game you have no other option but to fight throughout. The fights have to be non-stop and the actions you take in the game have to be very decisive.

There’s a protagonist in the game- the Wolf. At the start, the protagonist wolf raises his sword and the opponent raises their own weapon. The weapon is mostly a sword or a stave or can be anything else. Next one of them will strike first and there will be a clash. The clash creates a wild burst of shinning metal, flying sparks, blocks and parries, and attacks. This will go on until one of them backs out or makes an error. Mostly the error is made by the wolf the protagonist. In the game, the wolf appears to be the weaker fighter but that doesn’t make him easy to defeat.

There is face-off after face-off against a small army of monsters, champions, and tragic heroes who want the protagonist to be dead. The game is designed with a very clear vision- a moment where only the hero and the villain remains, brawling with each other. The protagonist has supernatural powers from his master. His blood can revive the dead. This power can never let him die permanently. Every death comes with a chance of rising up once more and try again. You’ve to use these powers to save your master from the enemies who’ve taken him. The whole journey is yours alone and will be only complete when your master is safe.


Meet The Characters of Sekiro:

In this character list, all the characters mentioned will appear in the opening hour of the game. Few major characters are Sekiro, Divine Heir, Emma, Owl, Old maid, Sculptor, Head priest, etc. Every character shares a story with each other. The wolf is also known as Sekiro is tasked to protect the Young Lord. During the battle, Wolf not only loses the child lord but also one of his arms. Divine Heir also known as the Young Lord. His parents are dead by the events of Sekiro, which makes him the throne’s next candidate. Emma in the game gives you Healing Gourd, this strengthens your amount of health in the game. Owl is the mentor of Sekiro. It’s the Owl that guides and mentors the Wolf. A lot of facts remain unknown about the aged mentor, such as his background. Sculptor is an elderly Buddhist monk and he’s the one to bring back Sekiro from the dead at the beginning of the game.

System requirements: 

Set up your PC according to the requirements so that you do not have to miss out on this game. PC requirements are somewhat lenient. 

Minimum requirements to have: 


-Pixel Shader 5.0 

-Dedicated video RAM 2048 MB 

-Free disk space 25 GB 

-Sound Card DirectX 11 Compatible 

Now the recommended requirements to have a better gaming experience: 


-Pixel Shader 5.1

-Dedicated video RAM 4096 MB

-Free disk space 25 GB

-Sound Card DirectX 11 Compatible 

 If you’ve at least all these set up you can jump in for the fun.

Difficulty Level:

There has been an ongoing debate going on regarding the insanely difficult game in which some gamers demanded they want an easy mode. On the other hand, hardcore fans put an objection to the demand as they think it’ll ruin the creator’s vision. The group that wants an easier version says it’ll be more accessible for less skilled players and for gamers with disabilities. But the hardcore fans say overcoming the difficult part gives an experience. It has been said players with no gaming experience will find this the hardest game ever. 

Gamers have been posting about how they are stuck at some particular points and could only make it after getting online tips from other gamers. 

To make things more difficult, the enemies in Sekiro don’t appear in any specific order. They wait in specific areas of the game until a player encounters them. This means players can accidentally get face to face with an enemy that can be stronger for them to beat. The game is full of surprises. Basic enemies can even kill the Wolf with few hits and unless you’re hitting it in a fight there’s no progress. You will die thousands of times even before getting a hold of the game. And then you’ll die many more times to figure out the right strategy to defeat your very first enemy.

However, there are gamers who enjoy this difficulty level. You can call it an achievement once you complete this. So it’s unlikely there’ll be an easy mode for Sekiro. Gamers who are not ready for this level are asked to watch others playing on YouTube or Twitch.


Available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Released on 22 March 2019. You can now also play Sekiro on your android devices.

Final Verdict:

Sekiro offers one of the best action experiences in gaming. Once you don’t quit and complete the game all those screaming, threats, cursing just disappear. The game carries a powerful narration that excites the fans even more. Everyone should give a shot to this game, where you play as a royal child’s bodyguard in a strange and magical world.