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An action-adventure loving gamer is not a stranger to the popular series of God of War. First released in the year 2005, by the Santa Monica studio. It was published by Sony Entertainment exclusively for PlayStation 2. The game tells the story of the protagonist, Kratos, based on the tales of Greek mythology, who serves the Olympian Gods.

After being tricked into killing his wife and daughter, a heartbroken Kratos is then assigned to killing the God of War, Ares by the Goddess Athena. This sets his quest for him to find the precious object of Pandora’s box that can stop God for once and for all. The real adventure begins when the player solves complex puzzles that lead him to his goal. Kratos’ ability to tackle his enemies gives him the chance to win each time he faces a challenge.

God of War comprises great action combat, with various options that allow the player to choose from to fight the adversary. The fighting techniques are magically powerful. The blade of chaos is the main weapon used by Kratos. This weapon lets him finish the terrifying undead soldiers, harpies, minotaurs, and even Medusa herself. Kratos also acquires the ability to throw lightning bolts that strike multiple enemies at one time.

Other abilities include Poseidon’s rage, Medusas gaze, and Poseidon’s trident that enables him to breathe underwater. Kratos can jump across several distances, rope his way across obstacles to collect items. Cinematography comes into play when quick time events take place. After Kratos was successful to make the protagonist feeble that gives the player an experience of early modern gaming.

God of War

God of War becomes the 14th best selling game, after 4.6 million copies sold worldwide!

God of War III (2010)

God of War

After chronological games developed by Santa Monica, God of War reaches its third segment of the game. The God of War III becomes the best selling ps3 game from 2009 -2010 as it gives the same experience of adventure and thrill as it did with its predecessors. Some new combat skills and magical powers keep the players mesmerized.

The story of God of War III follows right after the ending of the God of War II. Zeus seems pretty agitated by Kratos’ actions of him leading a small army of Titans. Kratos is faced with the God of Sea Poseidon. He uses his maximum power to obtain the mighty strength and draws several water horses that aid him in his battle with Kratos. Soon, Kratos was able to overcome the energies of the great God. Poseidon is then knocked off after succumbing to his weakness, Poseidon was finally defeated.

Kratos then charges up to his next rival, Zeus. Unfortunately, Gaia blows up most of her arm disabling her to win against Zeus and to battle for survival. Kratos fails to reach up to Zeus and gets warned by Gaia that he was used as a pawn that only catalyzed his worse situation in the River Styx. Kratos was again visited by Athena in a new form, who offers her help to continue on Kratos’ quest for vengeance.

Athena provides Kratos with new weaponry that will help him to battle his way from the Underworld. This is the place where vital secrets get unveiled about the Olympians and Zeus. Subsequently, Kratos went to face any challenge put in front of him and engaged in numerous battles, Once again Kratos was encountered by Zeus.

Kratos bravely faces Zeus’s wrath and eventually defeats him. However, Zeus’s active soul takes over Kratos to weaken him by stripping him of his willpower leaving him on the verge of death. Later, Kratos was again attacked by Zeus where he was victorious again. The story continues to its interesting end where Kratos impales himself with the blade of Olympus that releases the power of hope much to Athena’s disapproval.

God of War (2018)

God of War

The franchise’s latest game came in the year 2018. It was one of the most anticipated games of the year and surely it did not disappoint the God of War fans. The cinematographer along with its motion captures became the representative of the modern gaming experience. This game became the best selling PS4 game. Outstanding graphics and combat, soundtracks, characters, and dynamics lead it to become the winner of the Game of the Year award.

Several years have passed on, Kratos has now lived in the ancient world of Midgard, with his son Atreus. Midgard is no place of peace, for it was infested with monsters and warriors. It was the world of the Norse Gods. Kratos must mentor his son on the roots of survival as he takes on the new role of a father. His wife’s last wish was to spread her ashes on the highest peak of the nine realms. Later on, after mourning over his dead wife, Kratos took his son for a hunting spree. Atreus showed Kratos that he still lacked experience and he had a lack of interest and concentration when hunting.

Kratos sets on the journey of reaching the peak, where he is encountered by many enemies. During their adventure, they come across a friendly witch after Artreus accidentally shot her boar. At the lake of nine, they meet the friendly World Serpent, Jörmungandr, the last of the giant species. Kratos then confronted Mimir who revealed the location of the highest peak resided in Jötunheimen. Kratos gets attacked by a stranger, Baldur, Son of Odin, ruler of Asgard.

To find another way of getting inside Jotunheimen past the shield cast by Odin and Thor. Kratos was attacked by Magni and Modi, where Magni is killed by Kratos, while Modi flees. Kratos comes face to face with Baldur, who attacked them before. Despite Freya’s spell, Baldur was killed by Atreus’ mistletoe arrow.

The father and the son duo went through many ordeals to reach the Jötunheimen and finally spread the ashes of the beloved Jotunn. They discover a mural that tells the tale of their journey foreseen by the giants, indicating that Atreus could be Loki, the God of mischief, that would cause Ragnarok.