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The year 2020 introduces new, upcoming mobile MMO games that one can look forward to! Mobile gaming platforms are becoming stronger than ever by bridging the gap between Console / PC games, and what a mobile device can basically run. And with the rapid growth of mobile technology, games are taking advantage of this and pushing the boundaries about what mobile gaming is. Here, we take a look at the best and the latest mobile MMORPG titles that will make a dent in 2020. The list includes some of the gaming community’s most anticipated titles.

1.  World of Dragon Nest [The best semi-open world MMO]

World of Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest’s leaps out of the dungeon-crawling genre towards an open world MMO framework and was garnered with mixed reviews, but there’s no doubt that many gamers are waiting for this to launch and are eager to return to Lagendia’s world. WoDN has now become a semi-open world MMO, a franchise-first. Players can choose a class and eventually, the gender as there is no greater gender lock present in the game. A recent addition to DN is the dual method for flipping between 2 classes. Want to become an offensive warrior and support in need? You can now. Use a button to switch your weapon and skills. It gives the game more versatility while opening new doors for players to explore and is expected to be one of the best played mobile MMO games in 2020.

World of Dragon Nest will maintain many of its original DN functions, including PvE zombies, dungeon raids, Nest challenges, PvP battle, and guild battles. The only difference now is that players can do further, see more, and explore Lagendia’s world instead of being trapped inside a labyrinth, not seeing what’s beyond those walls.

2. Old School RuneScape [One of the best open world MMOs]

2. Old School RuneScape

It’s just no better for our capital than Old School RuneScape. This grind-heavy interface contains none of the nasty mechanics like autoplay, offline action, or pay-to-win mechanics, and has almost too much content. As a result, to a new beginner, it will seem daunting, as he might not know where to start. Quickly, you’ll realize it really doesn’t matter. There’s no right way to play RuneScape, and you can have the most fun just by dedicating yourself to doing whatever you feel like doing in that moment.

You can grind for monsters, forge gear, fish, cook, mine, parkour, furnish your home – the possibilities are endless, and the grind is deliciously addictive. When comparing other MMO Games, Old School RuneScape incorporates a free-to-play mode that’s pretty bare-bones, but it has its own hardcore community. However, you’ll probably want to get membership fairly quickly as it opens up lots of content, such as new skills, areas, quests, and equipment. You can also just get the regular membership of RuneScape in one purchase.

3. ReEvolve [A highly anticipated MMO for mobile in 2020


ReEvolve is a new MMORPG sandbox from Tencent Games and Perfect World Games. The game takes players back into time and save post-apocalyptic future. Combined with demons and other horrible threats starting to emerge at the same time, that you have to face as a character. The game has been dubbed as one of the truer open world MMOs for mobile by fans. ReEvolve will see players build and customize their own characters and classes, start a profession and do more!

The game is set in a world devastated by a deadly virus and paranormal demons that have emerged to feed the world. You can choose one of two factions in the game: The Shepherd, an organization which aims to fix the past and establish a new, brighter history, or the Piper, whose purpose is to destroy everything with the M.P.D. gun, a weapon capable of absorbing things and shaping the past. Players can craft their own gear, build their own base, collect pets and mounts, build a farm, make new friends and explore the world. Essentially, ReEvolve acts like a cartoon version of Rust. If you really like MMOs for sandbox crafting, check this one out when it’s launching.

4. Lineage 2 Revolution [The best MMO with autoplay]


Are you a fan of free to play MMOs? If you don’t put off paying for win, or you really like it, it doesn’t get much better than Lineage 2: Revolution. It’s essentially the ultimate mobile MMORPG, relying heavily on autoplay, tons of pay to win, and even features offline modes. This means you can start grinding even when you can’t play online. In Lineage 2 there’s also a lot to do, even though you rarely feel as if you’re actually doing anything. In addition to an intimate arena, there’s a story campaign, a wealth of dungeons to fight through and large-scale PvP warfare to be had. If anything, then in Lineage 2 Revolution there is too much to do.

The pay to win is powerful in this one though unlike other MMO games for mobiles. As with a single credit card swipe, you can drastically increase your power and the pace at which you advance. That being said, unless you really want to top the PvP leaderboards, you can absolutely have lots of fun with this one without having to spend a buck.

5. Naruto Slugfest [The best anime-based MMO of 2020]


A lot of MMO for mobile games have been published based on the classic Naruto franchise.  However, this takes it to another level by being an open world MMO. The game is based on Masashi Kishimoto’s hit anime/ manga, Naruto and his sequel which is the Naruto Shippuden. The game takes place in the Shinobi world, where players can live their dreams of becoming a ninja. Unlike other anime-based mobile games, Naruto: Slugfest will allow you to create your own unique characters and classes. You can also use the nature transformation Jutsu and even call up your favorite character from the series to help you perform multiple tasks.

When you look at the aesthetics, its animation is different compared to other anime-styled mobile MMO games. Slugfest offers a truly unique play experience especially because of its animation and design. It also includes light and shadow effects, day and night cycle, and weather change allowing players to experience a dynamic open world.

The game offers various modes including practice competitions, single quests, PVP and more. There’s also a clan/guild framework where you can make friends. The trainer-disciple program is where you can acquire your own student and find your own instructor. Naruto: Slugfest is currently running its Closed Beta Testing period. Nonetheless, as the game is set to start in early 2020, you won’t have to wait too long. So be sure to sign up now when it officially launches to get some cool in-game goodies. This is one of the best MMO Games to look forward to in 2020.