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Mobile games have become so successful now thanks to the ever-increasing consumer market for smartphones. Games like Clash of Clans and now PUBG have slowly revolutionized the games people play with their phones. Improved graphics and fidelity over time have catered to more users who love the idea of “gaming on the go”. There is an imminent possibility of more high-configuration phones and 5G being soon rolled out. What impact could it bring to the future of mobile gaming?

The Evolution Of Mobile Games.

The Evolution Of Mobile Games

Currently, gaming on smartphones is more widespread than ever. Phones are now being geared towards gaming. Starting from the Asus ROG and then the Razor phone, this is evolving to become more and more of a real thing.

Let’s get right into reviewing the evolution of gaming for smartphones and before we begin discussing the future or present, we should look at how things have moved to evolve in the present state of multiplayer mobile games.

There used to be a number of 2D games that were really popular, including the Angry Birds or the Candy Crush Saga. There were also some unforgettable 3D games on the Playstore, such as Subway Surfer or Asphalt. And not long ago there was also the behemoth of a giant that was Supercell’s Clash Of Clans, and that’s where microtransactions gradually began to appear and enter the industry.

The Current State of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming slowly became bigger and bigger until it was the most popular way to play games and that’s something that is still the case today. The majority of the gaming market shares are on smartphones. Our current state isn’t that much diverse than five years ago; we have grown much more powerful hardware but the best games typically were just ad ridden 2D apps that didn’t push the envelope in any way.

There have been some great games in the past which really have catapulted mobile gaming forward with games like Asphalt, but for the most part, many popular mobile games simply feel similar to a completely different genre from console games and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but it does make you wonder where things are gonna go from here.

To be fair 2018 and 2019 has probably been the best years in a very long time for some of the best mobile games to play with friends such as PUBG, Fortnite and Call Of Duty coming to phones; something that’s interesting.

Gaming On The Go: Shifting From PC to Portable

Gaming On The Go: Shifting From PC to Portable

Having a portable gaming smartphone might be pleasant when you’re gone from home but, there isn’t much reason to at least not yet. The newer multiplayer mobile games are fun as they run really great on smartphones, but they also work much better on your PC or your Console.

We have now crossed the point, where smartphone manufacturers are intentionally making phones for gaming. The most famous mainstream one is the Razor phone but there are others too like the Asus ROG phone.

These smartphones have been developed to make gaming on mobiles a more satisfying experience. One of the best features of them is that they boast 120 Hz screens, which means that you can view up to 120 frames per second on your smartphone as opposed to seeing 60. Among mobile games to play with friends, Call of Duty Mobile is a good choice if you are someone competitive and want to have an edge, then getting a high-end gaming smartphone would give better performance.

Mainstream Games Coming To Mobile

Mainstream Games Coming To Mobile

One of the biggest issues, as is right now for big console games on phones, is that controls are just awkward and bad. Fortnight, for example, it is hard to play on mobile and honestly, I don’t understand how people are able to do this and actually be good at it.

You can get accessories to make life a little easier but again, why would you pay money for a controller when you can just play on a console that you already own?

There are two valid answers as to why you need games on your smartphone:

If you’re away from home and need something portable.


You don’t actually have a console or PC capable of playing games.

Obviously, not everyone prefers console but portability, on the other hand, is a better argument when it comes to popular mobile games. While the Nintendo Switch is a thing it’s quite a bit more expensive than Xbox One S or PS4 Slim and if you already have a home console you might not want to go out and buy another one.

That said, in what situation do you actually have to be playing Console quality games?

Gaming On Smartphones Could Be The Future

Gaming On Smartphones Could Be The Future

It’s pretty amazing that we came to the point where games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty will run on the phone and really perform really well. People have always looked towards the future of multiplayer mobile games as being on the same playing field as the Xbox One or PS4.

At the end of the day, for some, it just makes more sense to sit on their couch and look at their TV and play with a controller rather than enjoying a game on their phone. Things like Chromecast and Airplay could eventually change this and as hardware continues to get better, and thanks to cloud computing, we are getting to the point where you could run high fidelity games on your phone with 1/10th of the battery cost.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Gaming on smartphones has become something that is very dear to many. We don’t need to get to the point of consoles. But instead, get to the point where we get the best mobile games we’ve ever had. And right now, the future of the smartphone gaming industry is making progress towards that. Maybe we are not quite far from that and at this time, mobile gaming is in a good place. Despite all that, it might eventually catch up with the full experience of a console.