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That’s a long term that contains a huge number of different experiences. In the racing gaming community, we have hardcore players who like realism and perfection to details. They are mostly people who play racing games with a huge simulator costing them a dime. But on the other side, we also have casual players. They usually seek fun in racing games, rather than attention to details. For these different views from players, it’s hard to determine the best pc racing games of all time. Has any game able to earn both the player bases? Let’s find out.

Older PC games are still appreciated by today’s generation. Some games just manage to build strong memories through a gamer’s life. It makes it hard to forget for true gamers. Some old games are no longer played. Mostly because the older games didn’t contain a lot of modes. But according to fans, older game makers gave more attention to single-player than online.

This helped to create a very exciting and thrilling single-player. Even though new generation racing games have a high level of graphics, fans still admire older racing games. Mostly because those games were too good of their era. But some games were able to hold some of their gamers. They have been updating the game so gamers don’t get bored. Games such as Burnout series, Gran Turismo series. Yet for the age of these games, many gamers still download and play these games just to relive their childhood.

Top 3 Best PC Racing Games

3. Daytona USA (1993)

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A game from 1993, yet it’s probably the most recognizable arcade racing game of all time. The most fun arcade racing game ever remains a bright example of arcade racing. From speeding fast through the roads to drifting the #41 Hornet to the gleeful theme song sung by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. It also supported up to eight players, very impressive for a game from 1993. This made this arcade king a hub of constant competition.

Hitting arcades in 1993/1994 had a head to head combat with Namco’s similarly cutting-edge, Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer in the end enjoyed the competition, helped them in getting innovative. But when searching for the best arcade racing game, Daytona USA deserves to be one of the best arcade racing games for PC.

2. Forza Horizon 4 (2018)

There is no question that Team 10 studios would disappoint gamers. Forza Horizon series always loved by fans for its magnificent maps and flawless detail. Team 10 studios never fail their fans. Forza motorsports almost got past it but it seemed fans appreciated the open world more. Forza Horizon 4 gives you the ability to travel to Edinburgh. They have covered most monuments, lakes, river dams, dense forests, etc. Who doesn’t like jumping from a gigantic mountain and trying to land perfectly?

Forza Horizon 4 gives you a game version feel of driving a car. The insane car detail differs from all other games from Forza Horizon 4. Though there’s a bit of lacking customization in the previous Forza series. In this game, Team 10 has licensed many aftermarket brands. Of course, there’s a change in seasons in the game as you proceed. Talking about a new generation game with realistic graphics and at the same time casual cruising ability, this game has to be in second place on our list.

The next one might blow your mind. Don’t forget, we are talking about best of all time here, and not including the ultimate, legendary cart series game would be a shame.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017)

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You must be quite confused and shocked. But every person born during the 90s will know why it’s on number 1. Mario franchise has been very popular, especially in the 90s when it was first brought to arcade stores. Then they released the thrilling, exciting super Mario Kart in 1992. After this franchise started, people of all ages would go to arcades just to play this game. Mario Kart series slowly started to release one by one. People were going crazy over this game. They were astonished at how this small racing arcade game could turn so addictive.

Enough of their backstory, the new Mario Kart is just a major throwback to the old days. The fast-paced racing with many characters to choose from will make you feel like a child. But even adults are seemed to be addicted to this game. The improvement in graphics but carrying the same feeling as older versions make this game stand out. Thus, it can be called the best racing game for PC of all time.