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Strategy mobile games have grown to be among the best thriving game categories in the world.

Ranging from fantasy immersed story to futuristic sci-fi combat, these types of strategy games are designed to push the player to unlock great achievements.

Best War Strategy Mobile Games

The idea of pushing one’s skill to the limit against other players sounds fun, right? This also led us to wonder – what are the best warlike strategy games for your smartphone? According to iTunes and PlayStore reviews, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 war strategy mobile games for IOs and Android.

1. Clash Royale (IOs and Android, Price: Free)


If you get a first look, it can seem like a hybrid from a MOBA and a tower-defense game. But after you experience great gameplay under the fine polish done by Supercell, you’ll find quite an addictive and engaging experience that’ll surely keep you engaged.

The game even though being a spin-off in the world of Clash of Clans, it is widely successful among other online mobile games. In terms of gameplay, this is similar to a MOBA with two lanes as you’ve got two small towers to the right and left section on the screen. The tower of the King is set in the utmost center of the map.

Why Is It Good?

You send out various troops which are shown by the cards below the screen. Just drag and drop to release your troops. Individual cards cost their own elixirs and similar to a tower defense game, and they recover with time.

Other than that, you own buildings and spells on your side. You can deploy them like you deploy troops and they cost some elixir as well.  Every card you put your hands on has pros and cons, and knowing the stance of each of them individually is significant to winning.

With a minute left on the clock, your elixir fills up immediately which means you and your opposing enemy can place your forces in each other’s direction.

The fights show brilliantly and the duration might exist up to three minutes but there are lots of strategical decisions on the go and sorting out your decision of choosing the card into a battlefield can change the circumstances of winning and losing your battle.

Before you say that this is a good free game which includes tons of energy timers to stop your playing whenever you log in. Actually no it’s not, as the chests contain wait-timers you earn as you play and has both cards as well as coins.

Clash Royale can be well worth your time and it is comparatively better than other online mobile games. It’s an intriguing experience at times and there are plays that will continuously keep you occupied for weeks after weeks if not months. It’s a game that succeeds brilliantly by thinking outside of the box.

2. Fallout Shelter (IOs and Android, Price: Free)


If you love the Fallout series this is a game that you shouldn’t skip over because this game is on mobile and can provide you with tons of Fallout nostalgia. In terms of being amongst the best free offline android games, Fallout Shelter does a great job of carrying the fallout theme into a completely different genre of post-apocalyptic survival strategy mobile games.

You start the game as the overseer of a vault while managing the general welfare of a growing population of vault dwellers. Each vault dweller has a unique and customizable appearance as well as a name, strength, inventory level, perception, charisma, endurance, agility, intelligence,  and luck special stats.

What’s The Goal?

You are tasked with making sure your vault dwellers are well-fed, happy and well hydrated. You achieve this by building specific rooms such as cafeterias and water purifiers that have your vault dwellers assigned to those rooms. Of course, your vault also requires electricity to power your rooms so you must build power generators as well with your vault dwellers assigned to them. Your vault will occasionally suffer disasters or attacks from Raiders and other wasteland nuisances, so it is essential that your dwellers are well armored and have good weapons.

Eventually, you can craft weapons and armor for each of your vault dwellers, but in the meantime, you will need to send your dwellers off to the wasteland which will initiate and utilize the old-school text RPG element into the game.

There is a lot more for you to experience in this title. So if you like Fallout or if you are into the post-apocalyptic strategy game genre, then you should go and download this game right away so you can start growing your vault. Among the best free offline android games, Fallout Shelter rises to the challenge. Considering this game is on mobile and completely free, this game is definitely a steal.

3. Civilization Revolution 2 (IOs and Android, Price: ‎$4.99)


In Civilization Revolution 2, you have one main goal; conquer the world. The game is entirely positioned on the prior edition of Civilization because it has additional shading to this latest edition. Even though the game tutorial sketches out the basic standards of how to play, gaining knowledge and implying the game’s social beliefs, tech, and science, etc completely relies on you.

There are text pop-ups that guide you at every step of the early game. Hence, you have a lot of helpful guidance. After you choose your culture, your first objective is to decide where to raise your empire. The areas in the engulfing landscape indicate the strengths of the city with good harvest land and multiplying population and rough-surfaced places where you can increase your productivity to make a living. After that, it’s about expanding and you can keep building countless cities and raise alarm to take over the map of the world.

In an era of ever-growing and free-to-play online strategy mobile games, this game can also be played offline. If you think of Civilization Revolution 2 as an improvement of the initial edition, you cannot deny the fact that you can build your own fantastic war strategy and acquire experience. This is one of the best free offline android games in the war strategy genre with fun army building and world domination elements.