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All our fellow action-adventure-loving gamers are familiar with the protagonist’s name Nathan Drake, in the bestselling PlayStation game franchise, Uncharted. The man that questions the greater possibility, with a knack for solving mysteries, and an expert in getting himself off of difficult situations. Folks that are deeply into adventure, storytelling, alongside swift action, Uncharted is just the right game for you! The creator Amy Hennig and developer Naughty Dog brought the story of Nathan Drake to life in a form of art that gives gamers the chance to live through moments as he solves historical mysteries along with his mentor Victor Sullivan and Journalist Elena Fisher.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


In 2007, the first game of the Uncharted series came out for the platform PlayStation 3, and without a doubt was a huge success for the creators and developers.

The story begins with Nathan delving into the extraordinary world of his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake, where he is joined by the journalist Elena Fisher and his mentor Sullivan. They discover the grave of Sir Francis Drake which was empty, except a journal was left inside by Sir Francis himself, which pointed towards the city of gold: El Dorado which later turns out to be a statue rather than a city. Since a mystery isn’t a mystery without a twist, a page was missing from the journal that supposedly carried the location for the treasure he was after.

After his successful discovery of the missing treasure location in a Nazi submarine base, they come face to face with the antagonist Gabriel Roman and Eddie Rajah’s mercenaries who were also on the trail of finding the lost treasure. Elena and Nathan narrowly escaped the mercenaries after shooting down groups of them and climbing high mountains against gravity, showing off his excellent combat and survival skills. Nathan’s old habit of getting into trouble didn’t cease until Elena came to his rescue, after being taken hostage by Eddie.

As they reached the island and found Sullivan who was previously thought to have succumbed after being shot by Roman, as if things couldn’t get worse, they were attacked by mutants who were ancient Spanish colonists. The statue was cursed and couldn’t be moved from the island, and was hidden away for a very good reason, which eventually became Sir Francis’s untimely demise.

Navarro, Gabriel’s accomplice, kidnaps Elena and reaches the statue. An epic battle takes place between the mercenaries and Nathan, where he defeats all of them bravely while rescuing Elena and gives Navarro an ending he deserves. Three of them then leave the forsaken island with treasures enough for the world to see. Quite the happy ending!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


The sequel to the game is the next Uncharted 2: Among thieves, released in 2009. Nathan is found to be in the companionship of Chloe Frazer his current love interest, and suspicious Harry Flynn, who was on the trail of finding a Mongolian oil lamp that supposedly carries the map to pave the way onto the lost treasure of Marco Polo. Harry and Nathan break into the Istanbul museum, in search of the lamp. Information about Marco’s shipwreck in Borneo along with the Cintamani stone from the city of Shambhala was obtained from the lamp. That was when Harry betrays Nathan and leaves him to arrested, meanwhile working for Zoran Lazaraviç, the story’s antagonist with the same ambition as him.

Nathan was then released with the help of Chloe and Sullivan. Nathan discovers the stone remains in the city of Shambhala along with the bodies of Marco Polo’s crew. Chloe and Nathan make their way onto the temple in Nepal which was already under attack by Lazaravic’s mercenaries. Here they encounter Elena Fisher yet again and the cameraman Jeff. Elena and Nathan retreated not before fighting off mercenaries and plans to reach the Himalayas to locate Cintamani stone.

Harry soon catches up with Nathan, cornering him by leaving no choice but to cause an explosion in Lazaravic’s getaway train. An injured and unconscious Nathan was rescued by Tenzin a local in the village of Tibet, where he eventually catches up with Elena. After learning new powers and secrets of the stone from Schäfer, a German expeditor, the group continues their excursion, to find the stone embedded within the sap of the tree of life along with the flammable resin. Nathan once again finds himself in battle with Lazarevic, who drank from the sap of the tree becoming invisible. Nathan finally defeated him by shooting pockets of resin around him, and to be devoured by the human guardians, protector of the stone.

The city of Shambhala crumbled, as Nathan, Chloe and Elena made a steady return back home. Nathan, later on, confesses his love for Elena, as they pay homages at a memorial for Schäfer.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Developed alongside Last of Us by Naughty Dog, Uncharted 3 in 2010 and became 5th bestselling PlayStation 3 game, alongside receiving Game of the year!

Subsequently, the events of the previous game, Nathan and Sullivan visit an English bar in London to meet with Talbot with whom a deal was stricken to sell Nathan’s ancestral ring that had to belong to Sir Francis Drake. Amongst the deal, Nathan sensed that Talbot was a fraud. Much not to their surprise they had to fight off Talbot’s men to escape. On the run, they are met with Katheryn Marlowe, just like you guessed, the adversary in Drake’s Deception.

20 years earlier a flashback is shown, where Nathan appears to be a 15-year-old wandering about the streets of Cartagena, Colombia. Here we learn the truth about Nathan and Sullivan’s relationship and Marlowe’s real motives for Sir Francis’s ring. To the present, where he was informed by Chloe, his previous love interest, that an old library resided in Marlowe’s hidden location. Upon searching the library, Nathan finds out about how Sir Francis was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth the 1st to find the lost city of Ubar. Further investigation, provided that clues remained in a Chateau in France and a Syrian citadel.

On his quest, he discloses a few secrets about Marlowe while being in Syria, after locating half of the amulet in the chateau. With the next clue in hand, they were discovered by Marlowe and Talbot’s henchmen.

Afterward, Nathan and Sullivan with Elena found the whereabouts of the shrine in Ubar inside the Rub’ al Khali desert. Nathan finds himself in yet another cat and mouse chase in a series of events being hunted by Talbot to the point where he is captured by the pirate, Rameses. Nathan did what he does best, and escaped only to be lost in a desert, later to be found by a Bedouin, Salim.

Through Salim, Nathan learns the dark truth about Ubar, that it was doomed by King Solomon by casting a Djinn in the city locked in a vessel. And that, Sir Francis, knew about all this but didn’t advance further, therefore, lying to the Queen. Nathan then defeats Marlowe’s convoy and henceforth, Talbot, and saves Sullivan who was under threat by Marlowe. Afterward, the never-ending brawl was over and our favorite trio makes a safe flight back home!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


After all that in the prior games Nathan, Sullivan, and Elena have been through Uncharted 4 delves into the event that took place years before the story of the first game, where it shows the Drake brothers along with Rafe, one of the inmates of the Panamanian jail which was later raided by them exhibiting their plan to pursue after the treasure left behind by Henry Avery during the 1695 heist of Gunsway. His brother was shot down by the guards, leaving only Nathan and Rafe to escape from their predicament.

In the present after 15 years, Nathan has now retired from his job, living his life with Elena his wife by his side, missing glints of his old adventurous life. He is visited by his brother Sam, who he had presumed dead confessing that he had escaped with the help of a drug lord Hector Alcazar for a promise he had made to bring Henry Avery’s treasure otherwise to be killed.

So the Drake brothers along with Sullivan sets on the quest of locating Henry Avery’s treasure after he had to lie to Elena that he had accepted the Malaysian job which he had initially declined. To steal the duplicate Dismas idol, the Drake brothers and Sullivan go to an illegal auction where both Rafe and Nadine ross, mercenary boss and an adversary in this game. A map was discovered by Nathan inside the idol, which painted out the location of Kings Bay in Madagascar stationed a hidden temple.

Uncovering secrets about Henry Avery and Thomas Tew, they head to the tower which leads to the territory of Libertalia. Discovered by Rafe’s forces on his way to the new settlement of New Devon where the treasure is now, unfortunately leading to undesired circumstances, Nathan falls off a cliff.

Elena came to his rescue yet again, seemingly disappointed about his spree and him lying to her. Nathan discloses his past to her; leaving nothing to hide.

In New Devon, the duo finds out the real reason why Libertalia descended into chaos due to the fight over treasure where Tew eventually betrays Henry. After several trials of escaping from Rafe and Nadine’s forces, the group decides to finally pursue the treasure. The brothers reach Henry Avery’s ship, finding both Rafe and Nadine, who betrays Rafe and leaves him inside the ship. A deranged Rafe now challenges Nathan in a duel, where of course Nathan becomes victorious and returning to Sullivan’s plane to return home with Sam.

Sam and Sullivan pair up for a new adventure and Nathan finally decides to run the salvage company. Several years later, Cassie is shown Nathan and Elena’s child who seems to have taken on the path of her father and mother.

Perhaps, in the coming generation, Cassie will carry out the legacy of her parents.