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Amidst the raging pandemic, Riot released their first free first-person shooting game, Valorant. Set in a completely different universe than the world of League of Legends, Valorant has been a hyped game to the fans and they have been eagerly waiting for it and have not been disappointed. Stakes were high, but Riot managed to create a seamless blend of Overwatch and CS: GO.

A variety of playable characters, called Agents, were introduced with unique abilities. Before the official release of this hyped game, a beta version was released, and only selective people had access to play. Even during the beta version, reviews were pouring in with the most positive response. Riot had greatly optimized Valorant for low-spec computers, unlike many popular first-person-shooters, before releasing it officially. This allowed the player-base to be much larger and pleased many of the fans. So what sets Riot apart from other popular hyped games and best sellers in the same genre?

Valorant Gameplay:

At first glance, the bright and colorful maps make one stare in awe. With smooth and gorgeous graphics, one can easily get distracted by the impressive visuals with their guns ready during a fight. Players can also explore in The Range while training with their weapons and abilities.

Unlike CS: GO, Riot was also careful to give non-violent terms to things like a bomb (spike), terrorists (attackers), and counter-terrorists (defenders). It seems they are conscious of the debate about shooter games encouraging violence. They took cautious steps with the overall friendly and playful vibe the game gives off.



Valorant Game Modes

The basic gameplay of this hyped game is displayed at one of the game modes, Normal matches, where one can play a Standard or Ranked match. Like in CS: GO, there are two teams, each consisting of five players. Attackers plants the spike, and the Defenders defend the planting sites. There are thirteen rounds out of twenty-five rounds. The first to win the thirteen rounds wins. Simple concept and sounds quite easy; however, when playing it, one breaks out a sweat.

The Standard matches in Valorant get intense with the players strategizing over the in-game voice chat. It is impossible to realize when you are taking risky decisions while all that adrenaline pumps through you. The gunplay is smooth. The use of the abilities of this trending game amplifies the intensity and enjoyment of the game. However, the stakes are even higher at ranked games. The majority of the players are experienced first-person-shooter gamers on Ranked. On average, Normal and Ranked matches take thirty to forty minutes.

There is also another game mode in Valorant called the spike rush. Spike rushes are a much shorter game, consisting of twelve to fifteen minutes. The first person to win four rounds out of seven wins the match. However, no one can buy weapons in this match. Each round, all players are assigned a random gun with all abilities available, and the attacking team, at each round, have the spike. The first planter wins the round.


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Character Detail

The characters at Valorant are called Agents.  Each Agent has their unique four abilities, one of which is a signature ability that is available at every round. The rest of the abilities need to be bought during the Buy-Phase along with your weapons. With some champions, once the abilities are purchased, they are already charged, but with others, abilities charge by killing, dying, or carrying out spike actions. Each Agent also belongs to one of four types. Now let’s discuss the four types of this trending game elaborately.

The Duelists:

Jett, Reyna, Raze, and Phoenix are of the Duelist type. They are the first line attackers, going all in and wiping out the enemies with their unique abilities. Jett, the sassy South-Korean girl, has the wind to guide her to jump high and finish off her enemies with her ultimate ability consisting of flying knives. Reyna, the deadly Mexican beauty, can blind her enemies and heal herself if she kills someone. She can also go invisible. Raze is the fun-loving, crazy Brazilian girl, all about throwing bombs and more bombs. Phoenix scorches his enemies with his fire while giving off sassy remarks in his British accent.

The Sentinels:

Sentinels are the team’s backline, defending all the players and the base as best they can. Cypher, the masked Moroccan man with his tipped hat, monitors the enemy team’s movement with his cameras, traps, and trackers. Sage, the elegant Chinese healer, heals every player, slows the enemy, creates walls to block them, and her ultimate ability revives her teammates. The recently-added German, nerdy Killjoy defends with her turrets and shooting bots.

The Initiators:

In Valorant, initiators collect information about the enemies’ movement before the player charge through. The Russian archer, Sova, finds the enemies lurking around and attacks them with his arrows. He can also send drones to scope the area and mark surrounding enemies. Breach is another initiator, a burly bearded Swedish man with his metal, mechanical arms. His abilities carry massive damage and dazes players, throwing them off.

The Controller:

These are the type of Agents that block the enemies’ vision. The toxic, snake-like girl from America, Viper suffocates and decays her enemies with her toxins. She also blocks sight with her toxic screens and her ultimate ability. Omen is also a similar, a mysterious Agent whose origins are unknown. Like an assassin, he sneaks quietly from one corner to another with his teleportation. He utilizes his shadow orbs to block vision. Another American team, Brimstone, is an intimidating commander. His abilities consist of throwing grenades, creating smoke clouds, and many more.


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Final Verdict: Is Valorant Currently The Most Hyped Game?

Valorant is a great competitive game with well-balanced and unique Agents. There is no limit as to how one can use an Agent’s ability. The maps are wonderfully constructed to elevate each Agent’s abilities and are fair to both teams. The Agents’ dialogues give the Agents more life and amusing. The variety of abilities of each Agent can never get one bored. If there is one thing Riot can improve on, it would be the matchmaking during each match. Sometimes a team of inexperienced players has to play against hugely skilled players, which can demotivate newcomers. Other than, it is overall fun and hyped game with its great gunplay and colorful graphics.